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Career of Counselors Essay

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up,” quote said by John Holmes, and that is exactly what it means to be a guidance counselor. A guidance counselor is a person who usually is to be employed in a school, and is there to help and give advice…

Academic And Career Goals

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Standard Types and Stereotypes to Create a Metaphor

Explore the various characters – who they are, what they represent, etc – and how Ford uses them to construct a mythic vision of America both past and present The structure of the story is designed to gather people from different social strata in the narrow space of a car and put them in a…




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The Dark Sides Of Our Dreams

When people go to sleep your brain pulls together random fragments from your memories and imaginations to create what we call dreams, almost every person on earth has experienced dreaming while sleeping at night some experts have said that we even dream at least four to six times a night. But there are many different…


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Realizing My Purpose in Life in Helping Others through My One True Calling, Medicine

A lot of people have different ideas and opinions on the purpose of life. One thing is for sure is that we can’t live without a purpose. However, discovering something that sounds so ridiculously simple is actually quite complex in reality. Some people believe that the purpose is to follow their Religious beliefs and that…


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An Analysis Of Anne Moody’s Coming Of Age In Mississippi

Anne Moody’s autobiography Coming of Age in Mississippi (1968) chronicles the experiences of an African American girl growing up in “Jim Crow” Mississippi during the civil rights movement. Moody’s experiences shaped her views on the social constructs of race and “whiteness.” Anne’s interactions with “yellow” or “mulatto” people within the African-American community directly contributed to…

African American,

African American Culture,


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Life and Life Goals Essay

Life and life goals are two different things. Often, goal of ordinary people remains for life. In addition to food, earning, marriage, transactions, behavior-trade, reaching death while fulfilling normal life sequences, re is no or goal besides this. Taking up means of livelihood, having a family and raising children and marrying m, marriage is generally…

Life Goals

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Reconstruction And Emancipation Proclamation Brought The First Moments of Mass Democratic Participation For African Americans

After the Civil War the federal government was in a tough position, there needed to be legislation ensuring the freedom of slaves as well as a plan for bringing southern states back into the Union. Reconstruction was the plan that was supposed to take care of these issues. However, Reconstruction looked different to different people….

Abraham Lincoln,

African American,

Emancipation Proclamation,


US History

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My Passion for Academic And Career Goals

A lot of lives are tied to our sacrifices today, the future starts now, coming generations deserves a better life and a persistent effort in building the future will never be forgotten. On this note I tender my quest to pursue my Msc. degree in your highly eminent and reputable citadel of learning. The passion…

Academic And Career Goals

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My Main Goal in Career

My main goal in life is to become a doctor. In high school, I participated in many different activities which helped me to discover my passion for health science. The summer before eleventh grade, I shadowed Dr. Dishant Shah, who is a radiologist. I would help him with the diagnosis of patients that he received….

Academic And Career Goals

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The Narration About Being Ourselves In On The Duty Of Civil Disobedience By Henry David Thoreau And In Emerson’s “Self Reliance”, And Other Books

We should not let society dictate our lives and control how we think and feel. We have the power to make our lives free and express our opinions and should not seek approval of others. We should simply be ourselves. But it is not that easy and often is not the case. Many people are…

Book Review,

Henry David Thoreau,

Personal Philosophy

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