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Makeup with My Mom

When I was younger, I never would have thought that makeup would be a part of my life. If only the younger me could see me now, she’d probably ask me, “what in the world are you thinking?” Personally, as a child, I enjoyed playing sports and having fun outside. My mom encouraged me to…


My Mother

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Health Disparities in Single Mothers

Introduction Being a single parent comes with its own unique set of circumstances for health issues or concerns. A study published in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health examined data from 15 countries and found that women in the United States, Denmark, England, and Sweden are at an increased risk of developing adverse cardiovascular…



Single Parent

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Understanding of Veganism

There isn’t a better time than the current times to begin the vegan diet! Numerous reports and news have come out asserting 2019 and the years to come are going to see a huge rise in veganism because of all the recognition and awareness vegan diet is getting these days! With vegan choices becoming affordable,…



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Careers in Information Technology

IT consultancy can be divided into two classes; an individual is employed by an IT consultancy firm, or an individual freelancing as an IT consultancy and as such the person has no permanent base in any IT consulting organization. An IT consultant is a person who is specifically contracted to; provide professional information technology related…


Information Technology

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Why I Interested about Graphic Design

I’ve always been a creative person who likes to explore and experience different things, I’ve always been into computers and IT since I was a child even though growing up I realized that the computer was just the tool with what I wanted to express myself. Creating and experimenting have always been my motivations, in…

Graphic Design

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Analogy of Characters in the Work

George Gascoigne’s poem, “For That He Looked Not upon Her” depicts the struggle a man undergoes while dealing with heartbreak and longing for a woman he desires. The speaker, being emotionally damaged from a previous relationship with the same woman, fears replicating the mistake of falling in love and getting hurt again. He does his…





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