All About Me: Challenges and Enjoy

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My name is Meg Shelton. I was born and raised in Decatur, Alabama. I am a twenty-year-old student at Calhoun Community College. My major is undeclared, but I am interested in Computer Sciences. I plan to attend the University of Alabama in Huntsville after I complete my basic courses at Calhoun. The road to student success means hard work, dedication, and willfulness.

Perseverance means to keep pressing forward, no matter how many obstacles you may face and how easy it may seem to quit. My first true experience of perseverance was in the bounds of anxiety and depression around the age of thirteen years old. I was in a battle of my mind, not quite yet understanding what was going on at such a young age. I was a fragile child, growing not only on the outside but on the inside of my mind as well. I remember feeling trapped and defeated, knowing what I was feeling was opposite of normal for a typical seventh grader. My biggest mountain I was facing at the time was school.

Everything from waking up, getting dressed, arriving on time, interacting with peers and teachers, as well as my actual schoolwork and grades, it all felt unbearable and overwhelming. As I finally opened to my parents about what was going on inside my mind, they showed me unexplainable love, courage, and patience without bounds. Through God’s unending mercy and grace, he allowed my parents to be strongholds during my battle with anxiety and depression. My mother and father encouraged me with delightful words, prayer, songs, quotes, and scripture each day. God allowed all those forms of encouragement to help me persevere against my battle with depression and anxiety and win my life back. I do believe perseverance is a requirement to graduate college.

While working toward my degree, I will continue to face many challenges. Among these many challenges, so far, I have struggled with time management, financial sacrifices and missed out on fun events. Keeping my mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health in check has been a heightened priority. While at Calhoun, I plan to take advantage of the free tutors for math class. Not only am I taking advantage of the offers held at Calhoun, but I also have had the privilege of financial freedom and focusing on my future and education. I quit my full-time job and moved back home to live with my parents and siblings again. My determination to succeed has been rooted in past failures. At the beginning of my college career, I prioritized other people and things above my education. Thankfully, I have learned at a young age what perseverance and success mean to me. I plan to take full advantage of all the resources that are offered to me. I am determined to earn my diploma.

As far as leisure activities go, I enjoy spending quality time with friends and family. We enjoy going to concerts, having cookouts, exploring new eateries, fishing, hunting, hiking, boating, swimming, hanging out on my grandparent’s farm, riding horses and attending horse shows and rodeos. I attend church service on Sunday mornings as often as possible. I enjoy reading Christian based self-help and Bible study books as well as health and fitness books.

During my free time, I enjoy exercising. My favorite outlets for exercising are hiking, biking, weightlifting and golfing. Currently, I am not apart of any clubs or organizations associated with Calhoun, but I am considering getting involved with the Entrepreneur Club as well as Christians at Calhoun group. I would love to join Baptist Campus Ministries, but I have classes between the times of their meetings. If I were to join any of these organizations, it could be beneficial for building friendships and discovering new resources for success.

I plan to balance my leisure and extracurricular activities by having designated times set for me to do homework and study. I tend to shy away from socializing with instructors and classroom peers, but I am trying to improve. I would like to become more involved in class and speak directly with more of my instructors if I have any questions or concerns. I also tend to second guess my answers during class and don’t like speaking in front of a large group of people, so I plan on becoming more comfortable and speaking up instead of allowing fear to hold me back.


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