All About Me: My Past and Dreams

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On the surface I think I am perceived as an introvert. Honestly, in most social settings and gatherings this presumption would hold some truth. Underneath what I am Presumed to be, I am artsy, opinionated, and observant; these I believe to be my best characteristics. A little back story of myself, I am the youngest of three siblings, all the same mom and me and my brother have the same dad. My mom went to the military when I was at a very young age of my life, and my dad although very present in my brother’s life; he was nonexistent in mine.

I had to grow up and continuously be an adult in numerous situations while I was just figuring out how to get through puberty. Fast forward, When I started college during high school in the fall of 2014 at the age of sixteen, I took these characteristics and my past obstacles with me hoping it would help me find my purpose in life. Here in the now of 2019 at the age of twenty-one, I can’t truthfully say if I am a better or worse version of myself, but hearing what type of program Year up provides for people I figured, what better of place to improve and gain skills than a place dedicated to it.

My favorite quote of all time has been “Success is the greatest revenge”. This quote always stuck with me and it is the reason why I even attempted to get into Year up. Normally in the past, when I did not achieve my short-term goals whether it be academically, socially, financially; etc. I would let that define the overall narrative of my life and because of how I grew up I would think I don’t deserve anything worth something. In regard to my most recent semester of college in the fall 2017; I ended it with letting pride get in the way.

I didn’t want anyone knowing the financial hardship I was going through at home and at school. I wasn’t being realistic, and I sat in the struggle. Mentally broken, physically trying to prove something to everyone else and not myself. Despite this I was aware that I did not want to waste a year outside of school. I needed something that would help me build myself mentally, emotionally and career-wise. I took an interest in cosmetology, and really tapped into my creative side. This helped me to regain my focus and get a grip on life. Honestly, it wasn’t about the actual act of the profession, it was the drive being put in it and the people I connected with along the way.

I wanted more, I had an interest in marketing and networking amongst bigger corporations. I saw myself in a suit and talking to important people, but the problem was I still didn’t think I was important enough to be in one of those positions. I thought about Year up twice, and at first, I truly didn’t believe this program could do anything for me. Many Year Up alum express to me that the staff, colleagues, all the way down to your internship will help you motivate and evolve into a better person. I expect to gain the skills, and be confident in myself, overall a valuable and teachable experience out all my classes.

I watch many friends change their lives, change their mannerisms and I thought, wow I really want to be like that one day. In the future I hope to gain a consistent career surrounded in marketing, branding, and technology. Year Up would be the perfect opportunity to reach that level of my dreams. So, I put in the drive, I motivated myself, I really considered my options, and aligned my life accordingly to start this journey. Although I am very nervous about the outcome, I am confident that Year up will soon put my desired future and favorite quote into fruition “Success is the greatest revenge”.

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