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What Is Reflection?

Reflective practice is when you can look back at your experience and review what can be done better in order to improve. The aim of reflective practice is to develop yourself as a nurse in the healthcare profession. This is to work on and improve personal and physical skills that you may lack, to better…

Finding Yourself,

Human Development,

Self Awareness,

Self Reflection

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Self-disclosure Reflection Assignment

Self-disclosure is defined as the process of revealing personal information about oneself to others. Self-disclosure, by which two persons get to know each other, isconsidered as a key of developing closeness and intimacy with others, including friends, coworkers, romantic partners, and family members. Social penetration theory states that as we get to know someone, we…

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Self Esteem,

Self Reflection

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Finding My Future Way

I’ve spent most of my years as a student not knowing what I would do with my life, or what I would study in college. I believed that I would figure it out with time. I also believed that my interests would guide my choice of education. Without interest, education is useless, simply because one…


Finding Yourself,

My Future

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