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My Self-Advocacy

My first time undertaking my online diploma in electronics was very challenging for me. I was having a difficult time balancing my classes, job and family time. The transition stress resulted in feelings of loneliness, insecurity and a sense of helplessness. I wanted to get good grades, work on my class projects efficiently, and participate…

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My Self

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My Self-Assessment

There are multiple areas that factor into being a great leader. The Self-Assessment quizzes that I took showed me which areas I am strong in and which areas I could improve in. It’s important to reflect on self-assessments so you can strengthen the areas that you lack in to become a successful leader. Such as,…

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Personal Strengths,


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Story about My Self

When I was still a high school student, I experienced both happy and miserable moments. One of those led me to a silly action because I could not control my anger. Sincerely, I hardly ever stand up to my mother until she damaged my self-esteem. The incident happened when I was sixteen year olds. In…

About Myself,

My Self

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I'm Peter!

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