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Ethical Dilemma for Social Worker Argumentative Essay

Many social workers treat more than one member of a family, either simultaneously or consecutively. When treating multiple members of a family, social workers must be careful to avoid potential ethical conflicts or dilemmas. An ethical dilemma is “a situation in which professional duties and obligation, rooted in core values, clash. This is when social…

Ethical Dilemma,

Social Work

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Ethical Dilemmas and Ethical Decision Making

The best ethical decision-making model that will be suitable for this case is one by Forester-Miller and Davis (1996). The model will help the counsellor on whether to disclose the discussion they had with Kendra or to keep it secret. The model has five core principles which are essential since they provide counselors with a…

Decision Making,

Ethical Dilemma

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Ethical Dilemma in Movie A Time to Kill

The ethical dilemma is I choose a movie called Time to kill. One of the main characters in the movie “A Time to Kill” is Carl. Carl realizes that some goons have assaulted his daughter sexually, a few hours after it occurred (IMBD.com, 2013). He immediately runs home to rescue the young girl from the…

Ethical Dilemma,

Movie Review

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Ethical Dilemma in Workplace

In any workplace, there are many codes of conduct involved. Employees are bound to these rules and regulations in order for any organization to work smoothly. However, there are times where the lines are blurred due to various reasons. Sometimes, relationships, beliefs and principles come into play when the time comes for one to make…

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Advancements in Genetic Engineering: An Ethical Dilemma 

Genetic engineering has been around since the 1970s, it involves editing the genome, which According to the National Human Genome research institution“lets scientists change the DNA of many organisms, including plants, bacteria, and animals”. These changes in DNA has been used to create many GMOs(Genetically modified organisms) which we benefit from such as Soybean, Corn,…

Ethical Dilemma,

Genetic Engineering

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Ethical Dilemma: Doctor Assisted Suicide

A common ethical dilemma in today’s society is whether or not to allow physician-assisted suicide. It can be easy to decide that physician-assisted suicide should not be allowed. On the surface, physician-assisted suicide has characteristics that can be hard to see as different from legal concepts like abetting or even committing a murder. Like many…

Ethical Dilemma,


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Psychologists Ethical Dilemma Cases

Abstract Psychologists are faced with different dilemmas day to day, which may sometimes put their decision making in a compromising position. Ethical challenges in these practices deals with rights duties, needs, interests, relationships, motives, and the maintained or the transgression of prevailing norms “. (Banks, 2010, p.12). As complex ethical dilemmas often surface unexpectedly within…

Ethical Dilemma,


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Personal Experience of Ethical Dilemma in Workplace

An ethical dilemma is when more than one choice/option is put in front of you and you have to identify your options and the possible consequences for the decision that you make. In my area of responsibility I sometimes face ethical dilemmas. One ethical dilemma that I have faced is regarding two service users that…

Ethical Dilemma,

Personal Experiences,


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The Ethical Dilemma Case Study

Since 1975, the United States has resettled more than 3 million refugees. It was not until the Refugee Act (1980) that the US had an official and comprehensive immigration policy (Bon Tempo, 2008). According to Kerwin (2015) the Act sought to harmonize US law with the 1951 United Nations (UN) Convention Relating to the Status…

Ethical Dilemma,

United States

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Ethical Dilemma In Health Care

The structure of the health care industry is evolving steadily as a result of developments in science and technology. Events in the delivery of health services pose a variety of legal and ethical dilemmas that are of great concern to both doctors and healthcare organizations. Healthcare professionals are committed to the welfare and protection of…

Ethical Dilemma,

Health Care

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