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My Inspiration

My source of inspiration to have a career as a nurse came from the desire of helping people and caring for them. Working in dental surgery as a receptionist, my main duties were handling incoming calls, greeting and assisting patients, making appointments and maintain their accounts, also provided cared and support to different people, including…

About Myself,



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Children are an Inspiration

“Children are an inspiration; each hold promises for our future. They supply us with endless rays of energy, enthusiasm, warmth, and hope to keep us going.” There is no doubt in my mind that I was destined to teach. Since I was little, I would dream of being a teacher from getting the left-over work…



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Cultural and Literary Inspiration

This writing is impressed with facts that Francisco Balagtas Baltazar is indeed a paragon of cultural and literary inspiration. In several discussions about preceding chapters, Filipino laureate stirred up national consciousness that triggers patriotism, opposed colonialism and elevate our Filipino culture through his long line of inspiring works. Francisco Balagtas Baltazar serve as both cultural…




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Women Are Inspiration For Filmmakers

Women have long been an endless resource of inspiration for filmmakers. From that, the image of female slaves who belong to the proletariat always win over many directors to propagate on the widescreen about human civilization. In that case, “The Help” is bright and successful proof. The movie exposes the harmful effect of racism and…


Film Analysis,


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10 TED Talks That Really Inspire

TED talks are one of the main sources of knowledge, inspiration and are a window into the world for many people. In this series of essays, I will reflect upon 10 TED talks that really inspire me. 1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAmmUIEsN9A Greta Thunberg’s amazingly inspiring speech on her protest against the climate crisis and her struggle against…



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8 Amazing Sources of Web Design Inspiration 

Today, the website designing company plays an important role in digital work and is an inspiration for web design. The scope of a website design project can rapidly limit the quantity of assets accessible, making it extreme to locate the correct motivation for your assignment. In any case, having a couple of dependable beginning spots can…



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Inspiration of the Workforce

Maslow and Herzberg gave most mainstream human inspiration hypotheses that utilized in the workforce. Maslow’s chain of command of requirements and Herzberg’s two Factor hypothesis are contrasted and we attempt with discover what makes them comparative and furthermore extraordinary. Similitude of Maslow and Herzberg Theory of Motivation Truth be told, there is an incredible comparability…



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The Power of Inspiration of the Soul

If we want to reach our soul-inspired power and live a life with purpose, passion and unlimited potential, we must first remember that we are souls and that we have a body. It is rather ironic that even though we are divine beings and come from a source and source of divine inspiration, many of…



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Motivational Speaker Nick Vujicic

For years, motivational speaker Nick Vujicic has been an inspiration to many not only because of his striking words of wisdom and preaching, but also because of his firm belief and strong faith in God. Nick is a manifestation of how God works in all of us even before the Earth was created by Him….



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Role Model: Father Personal Essay

Every young person has an ideal person who has an influence over the young person. Being a family guy, I never really got in touch with many other people. So the person who has influenced me the most in certain aspects of life is my father. My father is not a very tall but a…


My Family,

Role Model

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Many of us tend to overlook the fact that a challenge is an inspiration. Our challenges weaken us yet they open our eyes to newer possibilities and give us the strength to move beyond our troublesome moments. After reading various inspiration essays, I discovered that challenges can motivate us because they enable us to perceive our capabilities.
This may be why the adage ‘forget the mistake but learn the lesson’, was coined. Many inspiration essay examples reveal that challenges like corruption, poverty, wars, and diseases, among others, motivate humans to work harder and smarter to make the world a better place. After any form of suffering, we look for ways to enhance our capacities to transcend the challenges we have gone through.
We tend to view situations or events from different perspectives after we have passed challenging situations. We also try to maintain or create safer paths that guarantee the achievement of our goals after encountering a problem in life. Read essays about inspiration and you will learn that challenges are ideally meant to inspire us to achieve our desires.

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