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My Personal Philosophy in Nursing Practice

Generally, I have a caring nature and have a strong desire to help people. It puts a smile on my face to see that I’ve helped someone in need. Since I was younger, I helped my family at home, volunteered at temples, and as I grew older that extended to the community. At the same…

Nursing Profession,

Personal Philosophy

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Personal and Professional Philosophy

Statement of Personal Philosophy: I believe that health is not about time, but about lifestyle. In order to achieve a successful and healthy lifestyle, you must maintain a balance internally. Most people define health as the life or longevity of a person, but I think health is actually a combination of the basic parts of…

Personal Philosophy

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Personal Philosophy of Occupational Therapist

‘It’s not just enough to give a patient something to do with his hands. You must reach for the heart as well as the hands. It’s the heart that really does the healing’ (Punwar & Peloquin, 2000). According to me, an occupational therapist must follow some personal philosophies that guide his practice. They not only…

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Personal Leadership Philosophy

To become a great leader, I must know myself. I must be able to engage in self-examination, be self-aware, and know what is truly in my core. “Thoughtful examination and testing of what we believe remains critical to sustaining great leadership.” (Irwin 2014, p.129). The combination of these things will allow me to pursue my…


Personal Philosophy

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Personal Philosophy of Nursing Profession

I, Angela Norris, RN believe that nursing is a selfless act of giving of yourself to others for the greater good of those in a time of need. A servant’s heart is a gift to be shared. Core values and beliefs of my nursing practice shall include valuing the sanctity of life, excellence in delivery…

Nursing Profession,

Personal Philosophy

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Protagonist of the Poem Grandmother

This literary research paper will investigate analyses conducted by scholars in recent years and will present a unique argument about the literary work, “A Good Man is Hard to Find”, written by Flanner O’Connor. Taking place in Georgia, this story is comprised of the main theme centralized around what the grandmother, the main character, defines…

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The Narration About Being Ourselves In On The Duty Of Civil Disobedience By Henry David Thoreau And In Emerson’s “Self Reliance”, And Other Books

We should not let society dictate our lives and control how we think and feel. We have the power to make our lives free and express our opinions and should not seek approval of others. We should simply be ourselves. But it is not that easy and often is not the case. Many people are…

Book Review,

Henry David Thoreau,

Personal Philosophy

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My Personal Philosophy of Nursing

I as the nursing student in Seneca College view health as the complete well being of a person where a person is affected by health beliefs and health behaviours. Health is holistic settlement of person encompassing physical, spiritual, emotional and social aspect. As a nurse, i will make a nursing philosophy paper by using my…

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Personal Philosophy

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Watson’s Theory of Caring in Connection with My Nursing Philosophy

The purpose of this paper is to explore how my personal worldview, religious beliefs, cultural background and spiritual philosophy apply to my practice as a nurse and to explore nursing theories that coincide with my beliefs. Jean Watsons theory of caring is like my beliefs as a Christian as it provides guidelines on how to…



Personal Philosophy

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Personal Philosophy of Nursing

Growing up, I could never picture myself doing anything but becoming a nurse. My uncle and aunt were both nurses and back then, I would listen to their stories about the touching and inspiring moments they had experienced daily. It was this real human connection that made me fall in love with the idea of…



Nursing Profession,

Personal Philosophy

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