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Importance of Dieting Self-discipline For Women

Power, as defined by Michel Foucault is a system of social control. It is dispersed everywhere throughout society, integrated into social relationships, embedded in a network of practices, institutions and technologies, operating on the micro-levels of everyday life (Foucault 139). Power can be derived from scientific knowledge and truth, exercised through dominant discourses, the common…

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Self Discipline

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Self Control And Self Discipline

Control as the central element of the theory. Siegel & McCormick (2015) indicate that Gottfredson and Hirschi redefined some principles in Hirschi’s social bonding theory by adding some elements of the trait and rational choice theories and moving away from social control top self-control. The theorists’ assumptions are shaped by observing the society at the…


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Self Discipline

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Emotional Intelligence as a Factor in Management

The role of a manager in today’s organizations has evolved from planning, controlling, and inspecting organizational operations to motivating and inspiring others, creating a sense of importance among employees, and cultivating a positive working environment. Superior technical competence and solid experience thus should be complemented with the right values, behaviors, emotions and the ability to…


Self Discipline,

Self Reliance

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Role of Self-Evaluation in Management of Diabetes

Many people have heard of diabetes and that it’s related to blood sugar. However, not many understand the epidemiology of this disease. Diabetes is a complex chronic illness that redefines a patient’s definition of normalcy. In basic terms provided by the CDC, ‘it affects how your body turns food into energy’ (‘Diabetes Homes’, 2017). Food…


Self Analysis,

Self Discipline,

Self Evaluation

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Positive Turn of Procrastination

Okay guys, I’ll start with a question for you: are you familiar with the term ‘procrastination’? For those who do not know the word, procrastination is delaying to certain activities because they usually require too much energy. I think, no, I am sure that three quarters of this class are procrastinators. Some of you are…


Self Discipline,


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