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Comparing Your Real Self with Others from Social Networks

Our new world is about Social Media, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. You should not only “look fantastic everyday but be the best in everything you do and everything you touch turns to gold”. Others lead and one should follow since we do not have the capacity, knowledge or belief to be successful within ourselves….

Effects of Social Media,



Self Esteem,

Social Media

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Self-Esteem and Academic Performance of Students

One of the problems encountered during classroom instruction is the inability of the students to comprehend the content of the lesson especially if the medium of instruction is English. It is more difficult for teachers if their students are struggling in basic reading. These struggling readers present characteristics such as having difficulties in believing in…

Academic Achievements,

Self Esteem,


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Stuck with Low Self Esteem? 

Description of the Theory and Research The development of Self-Esteem is a process that each individual deals with at a certain point in their life. This article by, Richard W. Robins, examines the development of self-esteem and its influence on important life outcomes. The evidence that is given in the article suggests that self-esteem increases…



Self Esteem

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Self Esteem and Sport

Everything people do as adolescence has a huge impact on their physical and mental health in adulthood, whether it be positive or negative. According to recent research, instilling health behaviors at a young age have positively impacted the overall physical and mental health as they enter and progress through adulthood. These people have seen positive…

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Effects of Low Self-Esteem on Mental Health

Low self-esteem is when someone doesn’t feel confident in their self and dont thrust their actions-it can have a long-lasting effect on someone’s mental health if they so not speak about it to others or try and gain confidence without caring of other people’s opinions. Low self-esteem is common in health and social care settings…

Mental Health,


Self Esteem

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Relationship between Parenting Styles and Self Esteem

According to some studies, the meaning of self esteem is difficult to define clearly. Self esteem is knowing that you are important. Valuing and trusting yourself allows you to cope with problems and manage your life also self esteem is the way we think ,see,feel about ourselves. Self-esteem covers all of this (Hooks, 2003). self-esteem…


Self Esteem

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Effects of Divorce in Children Self-Esteem

In this article, Kinder explains that children develop a sense of self through interactions with the environment and others. They determine who they are, their likes and dislikes, and their talents and skills. The purpose of the study was to determine the relationship between certain childhood factors and self-esteem in young adulthood. Basically, the main…

Child Psychology,


Self Esteem

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Factors that Affect Self Esteem of Students

Definition and Concept of Self-esteem According to Okoko (2012), self-esteem refers to a person’s overall evaluation of his or her own worth. It encompasses emotions such as triumph, despair, pride and shame. It can also apply to a particular dimension such as “I believe I am a good writer and I feel proud of myself…

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Analysis of Self Esteem Research

Self-esteem has become an increasingly popular social term throughout history. In their scientific paper “The Development of Self-Esteem” Orth and Robins investigate multiple aspects of self-esteem. First, they investigate the trajectory of self-esteem throughout one’s life and observe trends in this trajectory across multiple studies. They also discuss what personality traits tend to lead to…


Self Esteem

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Treatment the Mental Illness of Self Esteem

The nature of this assignment is to provide feedback about treatments used to treat the mental illness of self-esteem. In psychology, self-esteem denotes to a person’s overall sense of his/her significance or value. It may also be understood as one’s attitude toward oneself. Self-esteem can influence our lives in numerous ways, from relationships down to…


Self Esteem

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