All About Me: Main Aspects of My Life

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Each person is unique in their very own way. Whether it is the people who are influences on them, the activities they are involved in, or the goals they set for themselves, everyone is different. Differences are what makes me, me, and what makes you, you. Unfortunately, we find it hard to share these differences and interesting aspects of ourselves due to fear, humiliation, and not being accepted. The more we share about ourselves, the more natural it will become to be yourself with confidence. As for me, I’ve always found it hard to choose the right words and parts of my life to fully explain myself to someone. However, even the smallest aspects of life such as family members, hobbies, and future goals all put together the jigsaw puzzle of me.

My family, while not extremely abnormal, is a part of me I am thankful, grateful, and blessed to have. Right now, I am lucky to have 8 members of my family living in the same city as me. In my household specifically I live with my parents and my older sister, who is also my only sibling. My mom is a 1st grade teacher at Westside Elementary School in Reedsburg, my dad is a pastor at Cornerstone Baptist Church in Reedsburg, and my twenty-two-year-old sister, who is engaged, is currently taking classes in graphic design in hopes to start her own creative business.

Also living in Reedsburg are my mom’s parents, my great-grandma, and my great aunt and uncle. One thing I find interesting about my family is that everyone, except me, was born in California. My parents moved to Wisconsin when my sister was two. About 5 years after they moved, I was born, becoming the only true “Wisconsinite” of the family. In my family we enjoy quality time together, camping, and traveling. Having a loving and supportive group of family members around me will always be something very important to me and my life.

Another thing that factors into me as a person is the activities I am involved and take an interest in. Ever since I was very little, I remember music being a huge component of my family. Whether it be going to concerts, playing piano with my grandpa, or being involved in a dance class, music was always around. This in turn led to me loving music, singing, and playing instruments. I specifically enjoy playing the piano or my ukulele, and I was previously involved in choir, but now singing has become an activity more for fun rather than for technique and style.

Other than music, I really enjoy playing soccer. My dad played soccer his entire younger life, through college, and then became the head varsity coach for the boys and girls soccer program at Reedsburg Area High School. I always knew he wanted me to play soccer, but he would never admit that. I bounced around from basketball to volleyball, and eventually finding my way back to soccer, which is now my favorite sport. During the summer, I like to travel with my family. Some of my favorite places we’ve been are Washington D.C., Mexico, Florida, and California. Figure out concluding sentence to wrap up paragraph.

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