That’s My Story

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A long time ago when I was just a little kid. My parents got a divorce cause of our my dad was and stills his till this day. I don’t want anything to do with him anymore. But I’ve shrugged through the years.

Beginning of the story: When I was little my life was hard at the time my dad and mom had a divorce because they fought a lot. All they did was fight all day long and me and my siblings would just go outside to get away from them fighting. So we went outside and we play just to get away from them cause they were fighting. My older brother and I hated it cause our little sister and brother heard all of it and we would try to get there mind off of them fighting. So they stop fighting and my mom packed her bags and left our dad cause he was a abusing father he would yell at us for no reason and she was tired of him. I’m glad my mom left him because we didn’t have to hear the fighting anymore. My older brother and I hated the way he treated our mom and us and our little sister and little brother he would abuse us.

Years goes by and my older brother decided to stand up and tell our dad he’s done with how he treats us and my brother left. My brother went to live with our mom and step dad and little brother. So now it’s me and my little sister living with our dad now. We still got abused by him and it pissed me off so bad I cried because of how mad I was cause he hit my sister.

So I went and told my sister if he hits you again hit him back. Remember fight back because its self defense and he’s not going to hit you when I’m around cause he know I’ll get real mad and go off on him. I also told her if he hits you come let me know and I’ll go off on him. So we moved and we moved to Salisbury with our dad and his new wife that was the same way as him abusing and all. So couple mores years goes by and he couldn’t handle my sister cause she would get really mad and stand up for her self if he was to hit her and she moved in with our mom so now it’s just me living with our dad.

Couple days goes by and I got a phone I got a hold of my older brother and I told him to come get me so I can see our mom and little brother and sister so he did the next day. I stay with my mom for a month and then it was time for me to go back to our dads and we met up with him. I got in the truck with my stuff but my older brother Brian said to our dad that I wasn’t going back with him so I jump out the driver side of the truck cause our dad tried to lock me in the truck. He locked the passenger side so I got out the driver side.

I lived with our mom now and I was so happy cause I got to see all my siblings and not have to deal with our dad abusing me or yelling at me or see his face anymore. I then got a girlfriend that played me like a video game she used me and cheated on me. So I got tired of her and I broke up with her. Few weeks goes by I dated a different girl she did the same thing and it broke my heart.

So I stop dating for awhile and then I got into another relationship this girl was drama. She was a drama queen she would cause drama and make me sad and would use me for attention. She wouldn’t let me even spend time with my family she would always force me to give her all the attention so a few days go by and she brakes up with me it hurt me cause I felt numb I couldn’t feel anything meaning I was lost. Then one day I came across a girl name Shelbie Ferguson on my birthday we got to talking and we got to know each other very well and we started dating.

God brought me her cause we have a lot in common we like a lot of the same things. She’s the best thing that’s ever happen to me she is the most Wonderful girl I know she makes me happy just has much as I make her. She has been the best girlfriend I could ask for we have been together for 2 months now and it’s been the best 2 months ever. That’s my story.

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