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Philosophical Theories of Beliefs

The Divine Command theory is in many peoples’ eyes viewed that mortality is depending on God. The moral obligation consists only if you obey God’s commands or requirements. The content is specified by a particular religion and particular views of these theorists of divine command. Although, all versions of theory are common when it comes…


Existence of God,


Virtue Ethics

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Belief means “trust”

Believing in education, hard work and honesty. Belief means “trust”. Every person has its own belief in different types of things, and I believe in hard work, education and honesty. These qualities are my life’s foundations. According to me if we will believe in these then no one can stop us to get success and…


Belief Systems

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Red Jacket’s and Samson Occom’s Beliefs

Since the beginning of time, we have known our great Nation, the United States, to be full of great stories. It is known as the land of the free and opportunity, this is only possible because the great people before us have sacrificed and made what were only dreams to make this country what it…




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4 Most Common Limiting Beliefs

Did you know that you create your reality according to your level of perception? The reason lies in how dynamic our thoughts, our attitudes, our feelings based on the information that is found, in part, in our belief system. Therefore, two people, with the same level of education and who have been raised in similar…


Overcoming Obstacles

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Hume: Knowledge is Belief

Hume believes that all ideas come from experience: “Vivo ergo cogito” I live therefore I think. He believes that all humans are a blank slate, or tabula rasa, on which our experiences and impressions form our ideas. Our experiences and what we believe forms our ideas and opinion like in his example of a gold…



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Freedom of Religion and Belief

head scarves 
 rights? I do think that Frances headscarf ban is a violation of human rights specifically the right to religion and belief and the right to equality. Muslim women choose to wear scarves (hijab) because they believe that it is a commandment…



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Heritage Culture Assessment Assignment

My communication skills during the Heritage Assessment made the interviewee feel comfortable, trusting of me and have confidence that I was listening to what they had to say. I introduced myself, the capacity in which I was speaking with her and the details of assignment at hand. I also asked permission to record her answers…


Health Care,



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Mexican American/Hispanic End-of-Life Care

On a day to day basis within the medical field, it is likely to encounter patients from a variation of ethnical and cultural backgrounds. Within each culture, there are beliefs, values, traditions, and maybe even rituals that shape their expectations and actions regarding medical care. It is imperative as a healthcare professional to know how…


Day of the Dead,

Health Care

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What Is Constitutes a Culture?

Culture is when intangible objects like values costumes beliefs merge with material objects like a certain type of food, clothes, or even architecture, to form a way of life. The shared values, customs, and histories characteristic of culture shape the way a person thinks, behaves, and views the world. There are a lot of elements…





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Ethnographic of Health

Furthermore, by applying the Syndemics framework to two contrasting Indigenous ethnographic contexts; we can examine how the intergenerational embodiment of colonial biosocial forces establish differing social understandings and vast contemporary health inequalities, disease and illness between Indigenous and Western groups. Historically, the establishment of European colonisation in Australia had led to the subordination of Indigenous…




Healthy Lifestyle

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