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Self Assessment: Leadership

There are three levels of management where managers have different roles to perform for the organization to have a smooth performance. On the first assessment, I score the following result 45 pts which indicated I may have high motivation to lead. Hence, I am on the right path for career inclination. I am confident I…


Self Assessment

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Reflective Essay on the Mental Assessment of a Patient

In nursing, reflective practice refers to how nurses and other health care professionals study their experiences to identify various ways through which they can improve their work (Johns, 2017). Reflective practice assists nurses in identifying their strengths and weaknesses. In mental health nursing, where the risk for burnout is high, the importance of reflective practice…

Mental Health,

Self Assessment

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Assignment – Management Aptitude Analysis

Introduction The essence of this paper is the analysis of management aptitude test which measures a person’s skill as it pertains to conceptual ability, technical ability, and human skills. Daft stresses that for one to be an effective manager, he should possess one or more of these skills, and if the person has all three…

Self Assessment

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Childhood Neglect and Later Influences on College Students Self-Esteem Levels 

Introduction Creating and caring for another life is arguably one of the biggest accomplishments someone could possibly do. As a caregiver or parent, they have extensive control for another person’s life and they can alter that in any shape or form they want. Caring for children includes a lot of time and effort from whom…

College Students,

Self Assessment

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Assessment Measure: Personal Career Focused Assessmen

Personal Career Focused Assessments (PCFA) are used to support counselors to help uncover interests, abilities, skills, motivations, values, and other personal factors to help clients define and construct their careers (Harrington and Long, 2013). These tests attempt to help the client find what careers would be most satisfying and where they may become the most…

Self Assessment

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Elderly Adult Assessment

Details about Target Group of the Research The research was directed towards the seniors in Jacksonville, Florida in the age bracket of sixty-five years old. The proportion of the elderly is approximately eleven percent hence a bit difficult to find and conduct an interview. Only a small number of early life alone, while the rest…

Self Assessment

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Stress Self-Assessment Essay Evaluation

I have never considered myself an individual that gets stressed. After the Stress Self-Assessment (18) and the Stress Coping Resources Survey (2.5), I had to do a bit of introspection and I have a few things that stress me out. The potential for failure, not living up to self-set standards, and being a disappointment to…

Self Assessment

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Cultural Self-Assessment and Interview

I am Christian, which makes the Christian wedding ceremony important to my culture. Christian wedding ceremonies are simple and temperate. They are carried out before the bride and groom, along with their respective relatives, friends. Their rituals are also strewed into; the pre-wedding or engagement often followed by the bachelor and hens wedding; the wedding…

Self Assessment

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Self Assessment: Leadership & Change in Organizations

Based on the survey and the leadership skills learnt in this course, what I have understood is to be successful in career, regardless of my position and title I always need to focus on developing my leadership skills. Survey clearly says that I am good at becoming the leader but I have to improve in…

Self Assessment

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Assessing Conflict Analysis Strategies of Interpersonal Communication Personal Essay

The topic for this research is to identify the importance of the study of self-assessment and conflict assessment in the effort towards conflict resolution. The research question is “What are ways in which we can study conflict analysis for interpersonal communication?” This qualitative research is a literature review of sources that hypothesizes conflict analysis, through…

Interpersonal Communication,

Self Assessment

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