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Social Identity and Personal Identity

Firstly, what is identity? I will start with answering this question, identity is related with understanding of people who they are and what is significant or meaningful for them. These understandings are shaped in connection to certain traits that take need over other sources of meaning. There are some of the main sources for identity:…


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Personality Traits

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Methods for Helping Others

Different methods for helping a person to feel regarded and esteemed can include me asking them inquiries. For instance, I may ask whether they require whatever else, for example, extra help from an expert to address them or to their family. Or on the other hand I may ask whether they need to do whatever…

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Helping Others,

Personal Identity

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Social Networking and Identity

Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram are popular among adolescences. Around 90% of the 16 to 24-year-olds in Germany and the Netherland indicated they used social networking sites (Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek, 2014; Statistisches Bundesamt, 2018). Furthermore, more than 500 million pictures are uploaded worldwide to Instagram each day and around 1.52…

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Social Media,

Social Networking

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Who Am I in Three Words

On the first day of High School, Mrs. Janowitz, my English teacher, handed out a paper which included questions such as, “What’s your weakest subject?”, “What do you hope to learn this year?”, and “How would you describe yourself in three words?”. The question I stayed on the longest was “How would you describe yourself…

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Who Am I

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Relation between Culture and Identity

Identity, culture, lifestyle, and personality are inextricably linked. Our values and cultural traditions and ideas are all linked to our identity and the way we present ourselves one way or another. Whether it is a cultural expectation of gender, religious affiliation, or sexual orientation other identities are always being questioned, judged and sometimes taken as…

Cultural Identity,

Personal Identity

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Impact of Personal Experiences in Shaping an Individual’s Identity

Every individual experiences different types of adversity in life. Adversity plays a significant role in shaping an individual’s identity because dreadful situations shape our own personal values, determine our own capabilities, and helps us learn from our experiences. Oftentimes, when we are facing challenging adversities that help shape our lives, we view it as an…

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Personal Identity

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