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The Death of a Loved One

Introduction The death of a loved one is something no one wish to ever experience. This irreversible loss of loved one can lead to grieving. People respond to loss in different ways due to their religious and cultural beliefs. The various characterisations of grief range from simplistic to complex grief. Grief can be defined as…



Personal Beliefs

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Do We Have Free Will and Freethought

Free Will The concept free will is related to the actions we perform, i.e moral responsibility, praising one, feeling guilt of anything we have done, and the judgement we make of something or someone. And it is also can be best described in following ways like advising someone, perusing someone on any point. What I…

Free Will,

Personal Beliefs

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Plato’s Cave and Personal Beliefs

“The Allegory of the Cave” explains the perspective of prisoners who are tied down with chains in a cave of darkness since their birth. They cannot turn their heads or bodies and are obligated to look at the front wall to the cave. They are to watch as shadows dance across the wall, only understanding…

Allegory of The Cave,

Personal Beliefs,


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Free Will vs Omnipotence

I chose to write about Free Will Vs. Omnipotence. Of course, there is a contradiction that if God knows all that will happen where is so-called free will, If I decide on of two options I have am I may be destined to make that decision that God wanted me to be in that place….


Free Will,

Personal Beliefs

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