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US Foreign Policy with Iran

The US has made their fair of agreements with foreign countries regarding many different matters. In 2015 an agreement was made for new limits on Teheran’s nuclear program after Washington gave in to Iranian demands to lift a certain embargo. Iran and six other world powers agreed to the historic deal in return for relief…

Foreign Policy,


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Foreign Policy of Donald Trump’s Administration

Foreign policy has always been a hot topic but in the days of the Trump administration it is more important than ever to keep track of what is happening. In today’s current political climate it seems that each day more news appears and sides change. Donald Trump’s current administration is pushing a more “America first”…

Donald Trump,

Foreign Policy,


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Facebook Lead to Increase of Jealousy in a Romantic Relationship

Facebook is an application that is used by over 68% of the US population, in recent years Facebook has become one of the most popular websites on the internet. People use the social media platform for many reasons including uploading photos at a party, getting updates on the news, or stalking an ex. Scholars on…



Social Media

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International Collaboration

Since the beginning of the twenty-first century, the number of companies that are present in more than a country has increased exponentially. With that change, new strategies were and are being developed to meet the needs of these multinational companies. One of the need that arose is the collaboration. Collaboration is the act of working…



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US Foreign Policy in the Middle East

The end of World War Two saw the transition of the international balance of power fall to the remaining two dominating world political powers, the United States and the Soviet Union. The United States became primarily focused on the prevention of Soviet influence and literal expansion further around the world, marking the start of the…

Foreign Policy,


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My FCCLA Leadership Experience

Leadership is a vital part of success. It is something that can be learned from others, as well as, can be developed over time. Leadership has always been of interest to me. In school, I have participated in many different clubs, such as FCCLA, FBLA, STUCCO, and I have been Vice President of my class…


Leadership Experience

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What Determined Foreign Policy from 1989-2001?

As post-World War II politics revolved around two world superpowers in the United States and the Soviet Union fighting to spread ideas of democracy and communism, respectively, it came to an end in 1989. Two years later, the Soviet Union was officially dismantled, leaving the United States as the sole superpower in the world. With…

Foreign Policy,


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Understanding of Work in Collaboration

Collaboration is known as a process of producing the work with more than one person and work as a group. As in today this is very important in work places and could also be seen when you play sports. For example when you play sports you need to work as a team to overcome the…



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American Foreign Policy to Poland

International cooperation and diplomacy play a significant role in helping countries to improve their internal as well as external outlook and improve the potential for development. The nature of those tools, as the history shows, is rather fickle and constantly changing. On the one hand, countries follow their national interest following the raison d’etat policy,…

Foreign Policy,


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Servant Leadership in Schools

As a school leader, one is held accountable for the success of the school in which they lead. The NPBEA, composed of a variety of education organizations, has developed standards to access one’s leadership skills in practice. Each standard covers a different area of leading, but being effective is the common theme of each standard….



Servant Leadership

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What is Business?

Business is an activity carried out by entrepreneurial entities for the purpose of obtaining material profit. And the risks and responsibility for possible failures in the business process fall on the shoulders of these entrepreneurs.

Let’s not forget that business is a huge responsibility.

But the question continues to plague me: “What is a business from a practical point of view?” For example, is a car manufacturing plant a business? I think it is. Okay. But what if an entrepreneur has a place in the marketplace-a table a foot and a half long? Is he a business, too, or is he just out for a smoke? He’s probably in business, too. Okay!

What’s the income of a car factory owner? And what is the income of a market trader? And by the way, is it possible to earn more money working for an “uncle” than a market trader? I know for a fact that you can. Then I do not understand why I need this business! Why do I need the extra headache, the extra responsibility, and the risks? In essence, becoming an entrepreneur, I gain a kind of freedom from my “uncle”, but along with this freedom I get a whole “bouquet” of additional problems and worries. Why do I need it?

Why did I bring up this topic? And because it is now best seen the essence and prospects of various types of entrepreneurial activity. Remember:

Bad is the soldier who does not dream of becoming a general.

If we make an analogy with businessmen, the idea takes the following form:

Bad is the entrepreneur who has no strategy for the further development of his business.

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