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The Creativity Within The Vacant Lots of Detroit

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As of January 2015, nearly 90,000 lots within Detroit’s cityscape lay vacant. (“Vacant Lots in Detroit Draw Ideas, Creativity.”) With all this empty space, we’re left the question of “where to go?” To answer this, it’s important to retrace our steps to how we got to the way we are. An easy way to contextualize…

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The Ways In Which Education Encourages and Courages Creativity

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“Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one.”-Malcolm Forbes. For centuries scientists and scholars have researched the correlation between creativity and education. Many have deeply investigated this intriguing relationship. From the reputable author and psychologist, Robert Sternberg (1996), to most recently Sir Kenneth Robinson, a renowned ‘educationalist’ and author (2006). Many…

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The Mind of the Maker: The Trinity in a Creative Writer’s Perspective

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Writing Process

In The Mind of the Maker, Sayers connects the Creation story of Genesis and human creativity and refers to the Holy Trinity as the link through which the two are related. It was her belief that creativity is a genuine part of human nature. Since God is the everlasting Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, all…

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An Analysis of The Raw Creativity That Nature Provides

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The creativity that produces art is, as stated by American writer Gary Snyder in A Place in Space: Ethics, Aesthetics, and Watersheds, “.. That consciousness, mind, imagination, and language are fundamentally wild […] richly interconnected, interdependent, and incredibly complex. […] The ‘art of the wild’ is to see art in the context of the process…

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Tests of Creative Thinking

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This is probably the hardest question for me to answer because I honestly feel like the tests we give to our students have just become so monotonous and so many tests are given just for the numbers for the state to have for funding. To me, creativity comes in so many forms. It is hard…

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Children’s Technology Usage and Creativity Levels

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Child Development



The article “Information Technology Use and Creativity: Finding from the Children and Technology Project” by Lina A. Jackson, Edward A. Witt, Alexander Ivan Games, Hiram E. Fitzgerald, Alexander von Eye, and Yong Zhao from Michigan State University sought to answer if there is a relationship between children’s technology use and creativity. An independent variable in…

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Creativity Should be a Class Course

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Creativity is using your imagination to develop your ideas. Schools should have the establishment of creativity classes for the ones who interested in building on their creativity or expressing their creativity I agree that creativity should be a class course since, creativity can help you navigate the issues of the real world in life. Creativity…

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Relationship between Creativity and Intelligence

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From the past years of research and the driven controversy about the relationship between intelligence and creativity (Getzels and Jackson 1962; Wallach and Kogan 1965; Torrance 1967) at least as early as 1922, R.M. Simpson who devised a measure of creativity pointed out the difference between the two. Right from J.P. Guilford’s research, till the…

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Nurturing Creativity 

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This life is filled with endless learning opportunities and this semester has exposed me to new ways of viewing education and teaching. Arts education is on the rise and with it comes a new influx of research and knowledge. Three concepts that have impacted me this semester are the importance of rules and structure, the…

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Connection between Creativity and Intelligence

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For decades, intelligence and creativity were seen and believed as abilities that did not correlate with each other. It is still unclear how they both correlate with each other(Kaufman & Plucker, 2011). Intelligence is the ability to judge and reason carefully, think logically, use comparison, process information more firmly and accurately, and be able to…

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Creativity is an essential trait of our species that allows us to invent amazing tools, come up with new philosophical ideas, master different crafts, and create astounding works of art. If you want to write an essay on creativity, you’ve got to be, well, creative. There are lots of things you might want to cover here as creativity may manifest itself in a variety of forms and shapes. You may want to check out some creativity essay example to get some inspiration, but don’t get carried away and copy it because it won’t be creative. Writing an essay about creativity is not an easy task, so you might want to put some thought into it, maybe even spend a couple of days thinking about what you may put on your essay to make it truly yours and unlike anything other people would write. It is not a simple task, so be prepared for a challenge, but if you succeed and manage to pull that task off, you’ll be rewarded with approval from your teacher and a great essay on your roster.

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