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Ferrero Group Case Study: Vertical Integration Strategy Analytical Essay

Ferrero Group, a chocolate and confectionary company, was launched in 1946 by Pietro and his son Giovanni Ferrero. Pietro launched the company with a solid piece of “Pasta Gianduja,” chocolate that was made into loaves and then sliced and placed on bread (Hazra & Jain, 2016). It was learned that this product was often eaten…



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Marks and Spencer Food Strategies Analysis

Marks and Spencer is a British multinational retailer. It is one of the most representative chain stores in the UK and it currently has around 1463 branches over 57 countries as well. Its food sales also account for a large proportion. Most of the stores are mainly selling clothing and food and It is serving…




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Price and Channel Strategy of Stanley Black & Decker

Introduction Stanley Black & Decker is leading the industry in innovation, focused on well-developed products/ideas that will deliver market leading products across the globe. Efficient management of the domestic and international supply chain directly impacts the company’s ability to offer high quality products at competitive prices. This paper will outline the marketing strategy as it…



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What is Strategy Review Essay

For the first article that we were assigned to review for this semester, I read and comprehended the article What is Strategy? By Michael E. Porter. While reading this article I was able to gain a better understanding of what strategy is by looking at different areas of strategy including tradeoffs, strategic positioning vs operational…



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Current Strategy of the PDO

Oman Petroleum Development Company announced that its strategic plans to achieve the raising of Omanisation rates from 79% today to at least 90% in 2030 AD, the company continues to support Omani youth by providing job opportunities and aims to provide 21 thousand jobs for Omanis During the year 2019 in the oil and gas…




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Nike’s Corporate Strategy

Nike had historically been a Product Organization. Year 2006 saw Nike undergo a Corporate reorganization that shifted it to a Matric structure with an emphasis on geographic divisional structure [5] for customers in every region. The preference of consumers in regional markets differ and as such, the Organization needed a sustainable innovation and product design…




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Understanding of Strategy

What is strategy? Over many years, the answer to this has created many discussions and controversy. Like the changing seasons, this answer is continuously changing based from the innovations and growth of the business world. Strategy lacks a one set, definite answer but more or less a compilation of multiple characterizations. When it comes to…



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Netgear Strategic Management

There is an increased opportunity for home automation, in general, because the demand for this technology is growing. However, in emerging markets such as India is growing significantly, due to its increasing application to the Lighting, Security, Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning, and Entertainment sectors (Salhotra, 2019). This large demand for home automation devices provides…




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Citibank IT Strategy

Customer Centricity In the recent past, most of the bank’s customers prefer to do business digitally. Over 60% of the customer transactions are now online. In the cards business, digital spending is increasing in double numbers compared to that of traditional swipe-and-pay transactions. There has been an increased level of satisfaction for customers embracing digital…



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Keda Business Strategies

Revenue Model, Culture and Business Goal Keda Industrial Company Limited specializes in developing innovative, custom-made ceramics machinery and equipment, as well as other building materials machinery. It started as a small business in a market where the competition is predominantly consisted of European enterprises. According to Fung et al. (2017), the company offered high degree…



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