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Mechanical Engineering Design and Manufacturing Group: A Vision to Change the Future of Engineering

I am exceptionally interested in programs offered in your concern. I believe that it will provide me with inestimable experience and to showcase my skills which will prove to be a benefit to your organized during the program. Currently, I am pursuing Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering at Vel Tech Rangarajan Dr. Sagunthala R&D Institute of…

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Mechanical Engineering in the 21st Century: What Initially Attracted me

The profession that I wished to enter has always been mechanical engineering. I discovered the profession during my high school years. I vividly remember it being my ninth-grade year, when I was talking afterschool with my English teacher and another student. It was there that the student brought up the subject of a friend who…


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Design and Analysis of Solar Updraft Tower in Solar Power Plant

Abstract Solar updraft tower play an important role in the field of renewable energies. The present study undertaken is related to design a solar updraft tower with all the variable geometric parameter in consideration and to optimize the performance for solar updraft power plant by means of experimental data as well as computer simulation with…


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Maritime Engineering in the US

There are only nine colleges for maritime engineering specifically in the US. One of them happens to be in the state. Suny maritime in the Bronx is one of them. However, there are plenty of other schools that offer maritime engineering programs, such as Florida Keys Community College which as you could probably guess in…


Mechanical Engineering

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Why I Want to Pursue My Master’s Course in Mechanical Engineering

My name is Smit Patel, and I come from a highly cultured family with strong ethics and moral values. My mother is a government servant, and she has been always supporting me for more superior education and bright future. I am fascinated towards the field of Mechanical Engineering because of my father. He is also…

Mechanical Engineering

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Why I Interested about Mechanical Engineering

A child’s mind is known to wander and wonder. I was no exclusion as even I had a questioning mind that would ask me as to how things worked and why that way. This never-ending curiosity of mine motivated me to learn about things in depth. Such an interest of mine later on helped me…

Mechanical Engineering

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Why I Need Doing Master’s in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is known to be as an evergreen branch of engineering. No matter how much the IT sector and CS sector overtakes the present world technologies; there will always be a need of a mechanical engineer. The basic fundamentals of mechanical engineering are required in applications of almost every engineering stream, although I have…

Mechanical Engineering

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Why I Want to Build a Career in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering subjects have always intrigued me throughout my study and work life. It is this immense interest in this field that motivates me to pursue graduate study in Mechanical Engineering. My undergraduate study in Mechanical Engineering helped me build a strong foundation and laid the necessary groundwork for pursuing graduate studies.I developed keen interest…

Mechanical Engineering

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My Skills for a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering

The continuous advances in the field of Mechanical Engineering have opened growth opportunities in new dimensions. One will need to have an in-depth practical, theoretical and scientific understanding to contribute in the futuristic workshops. I want to be a part of this innovative field, which is evolving for the better tomorrow. To do this, I…

Mechanical Engineering

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PhD in Area of Mechanical Engineering is My Goal

“The significant headway in material selection for parts and product development during the last two decades has been no small measure due to the impact of high technology, evident in the automobile, aerospace, marine, and metallurgy industries; and this has been extraordinary.” My innate strengths of creative abilities and power of imagination made me inclined…

Mechanical Engineering

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