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Luxury Brands and Art Collaborations

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Introduction After analyzing Luxury brand and art collaborations which included aspects of success and failure, a fail-proof (will ensure the brand doesn’t incur an adverse effect on equity) model was created. Even brands that had an overall successful collaboration had few visible faults that were taken into consideration while creating the model. The model divided…

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Interprofessional Collaboration in Health Care

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Health Care

In my pediatric clinical rotation, we at one point attended to a clinical case that demanded a multidisciplinary approach. This case involved an eight-year-old African American child who had been raped by her uncle. She had developed fractures and was severely injured. A multidisciplinary team was set up; involving a prosecutor, social worker, physician, mental…

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International Collaboration

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Since the beginning of the twenty-first century, the number of companies that are present in more than a country has increased exponentially. With that change, new strategies were and are being developed to meet the needs of these multinational companies. One of the need that arose is the collaboration. Collaboration is the act of working…

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Understanding of Work in Collaboration

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Collaboration is known as a process of producing the work with more than one person and work as a group. As in today this is very important in work places and could also be seen when you play sports. For example when you play sports you need to work as a team to overcome the…

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Collaborative Cultures

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Introduction Effective change leaders cannot lead on their own. Whether at work, school, church, athletic team, friendship, or marriage, building collaborative cultures has always been a critical element of a thriving environment. A collaborative culture allows people to have their perspectives expanded upon by everyone else (Senge, 2010). When we think of effective leaders, we…

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