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Qualities of a Successful Entrepreneur

Introduction Although it is very important for entrepreneur to possess all the necessary qualities needed to stand tall in business, qualities such as initiative, goal setting, competitiveness, creativity, risk taking and many more. Possession of all these qualities alone does not guarantee success, what matters most is what the entrepreneur do with them, hence the…




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A Report on the Assessment of Elon Musk as an Entrepreneur Personal Essay

Report Overview The main purpose of this report is to unearth the underlying drive in the success of entrepreneurship by assessing personality traits, creativity, innovation levels, and other factors of Elon Musk who is one of the greatest minds of this generation. The main component of this report is based on character, innovation, and creativity….

Elon Musk,



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Important Character Traits for Entrepreneur

In current days the character’s traits of a prosperous entrepreneur is one of the most debatable questions. A good entrepreneur have certain manners and attributes. Some people say that being positive is the most demanded factor, while others are convinced that nothing can be more important than confidence and high self-esteem. Not every one can…


Character Traits,


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Not yet Established Entrepreneur 

Have you ever thought about the struggles and obstacles to become an entrepreneur? Being your own boss is a gamble. In a globalized world, where competition can be argued to be at its highest, the business platform has to stand out on a global scale and the ideas unique from any others. Success is determined…




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Theoretical Perceptions of an Entrepreneur

Introduction Scholars view an entrepreneur as an individual who runs a small business and assumes all the reward of a given business venture or goods or services offered for sale. There exist theoretical perceptions of an entrepreneur and these theorists can be grouped into, the neoclassical economist view, the physiocratic view; and the Austrian school…




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Ways to Being a Successful Entrepreneur Argumentative Essay

Becoming an entrepreneur could be a career many teenagers dream of repeatedly however, the term ‘entrepreneur’ is mistakenly linked with success; which periodically develops into the impression that it’ll not be that tough to grow into a successful businessperson. Unfortunately not everyone is successful in this field. One main reason in line with the ‘trait’…



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Difference Between Entrepreneur and Manager

The terms ‘business manager and entrepreneur’ are chiefly used differently, but an entrepreneur yields a diverse role than a business manager. The chief difference between Manager and Entrepreneur is their role in the business organization. An entrepreneur is the holder of the company while the Business Manager is the worker of the company. An entrepreneur…




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Signs You Are Ready to Be an Entrepreneur

Everyone can be an entrepreneur but not everyone is. Becoming an entrepreneur isn’t an easy task nor difficult ones. Entrepreneurship isn’t a game that anyone can choose when one is left with no option at all, but it’s something that doesn’t let one have a sound sleep until an altogether a dynasty is created like…




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Features of Being an Entrepreneur

Introduction Entrepreneurship is the art of starting a business, basically a startup company offering creative product, process or service and also it is the process of planning, initiation and running a new business, which is often initially a small business. In other words we can say that it is an activity full of creativity. An…



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Five Essential Characteristics for an Entrepreneur

The first characteristic that someone need to become an entrepreneur is passion. Entrepreneurs aren’t in it for the money. The true benefit is doing what they love the money is just a bonus. Building a business is not easy it is time consuming and it takes a lot of effort. It means putting in insanely…


Character Traits,


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