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Principles of Personal & Organizational Leadership

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Principles of Personal & Organizational Leadership essay
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Gary Vaynerchuk also known as Gary V to those who know of him due to his highly successful social media platforms and 5-time New York Times bestselling book “Crushing It”. Gary is the current chairman of VaynerX as well as the acting CEO of VaynerMedia which umbrellas multiple brands such as VanyerX and VanyerSports. Where he provides brands, businesses, athletes and celebrities a full-services advertising agency. Prior to Gary becoming the face of DailyVee, which is a series of live social videos that document the highlights of being a CEO and Social Media figure. Gary was born in Babruysk, Belarus, which is the former USSR. Gary and his family immigrated to the Queens, New York from Belarus in 1978 after his parent were able to participate in an exchange program that allowed him and his 8 siblings to migrate to the US in exchange for food aid.

Gary has had the entrepreneur genes from a young age, where he began a lemonade stand and soon realized he could double and triple his profits by adding more locations. So, he began franchising and managing multiple locations awhile commuting form location to location via a big-wheel. Gary’s creative thinking and entrepreneurial spirt did not stop there, during his teenager he began to buy and selling baseball cards. However, it wasn’t too long after that he began working for his parents bagging ice in the basement of their family owned liquor store, During his tenure at the liquor store Gary became fascinated with wine, this is where he began to journey down a path that would late lead him to where he is today. After graduating from highschool, Gary attended Mount Ida College in Newton, Massachusetts where he later graduated with his bachelor’s degree.

It was during this time Gary was introduced to the internet and began to lay the ground work for what would later become a $50 million dollar a year business. After graduation he returned home to continue working with his father, however he saw an opportunity to build a website for his father’s store to become one of the first ecommerce alcohol store called Wine Library. After learning everything he could about the internet he began email marketing, using Google AdWords and other marketing strategies to generate over $50 million dollars in sales for his father business. In 2006, with his youngest brother by his side they set out to create Vaynermedia which would late become one of the largest full-service marketing companies in the world.

Gary defined and been quoted saying a leader needs to be the individual who is the egotistical, an individual who defines confident and someone who knows everything runs through them. However, having the ability to be have empathy and humility and be accepting to other points of view and ideas. You must be willing to lead but also follow and listen when needed.

Gary believes his success is due to not to his skills his ability to out-work any everyone. At a young age Gary’s father instilled a hard work ethic. Our biggest advantage over everyone else will always be your work ethic, if you aren’t out working your competition you will always come up short and empty handed. Gary was influenced mostly by his parents each playing a significant part in his upbringing. Which is way Gary, continues to put in 12 hour work day The biggest advantage you have is your work ethic. If you’re not applying that, and putting those hours into your business, you’re going to come up short. And you may come to me with a different point of view. Gary mentions that his mother and father influence him and provide him with the ability to have many perspectives in life. His mother who he has said is more EQ oriented and his father is more of the stay focus, work hard and lead by example style. He believes however that do to his parents’ different traits he was able to take the good and bad from each and mold himself into who he is today.

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Principles of Personal & Organizational Leadership essay

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