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Why Is Stress Management Important?

How does stress affect your life? Stress management refers to the methods or techniques people use to control stress. These stress management techniques are very important because they help a person manage their stress level. In the modern era, where there is great competition in all areas, and because everyone wants to be the best,…

Stress Management

Factors That Affect Discomfort, Pain and Injury

As from the given scenario I am supposed to describe about the DPI [discomfort, pain and injury] and it’s affecting factors whereas the full form of DPI is discomfort, pain and injury. We know that there are many elements that get together to perform pain and injury while discomfort is building in the daily life…



Stress Management

Types and Effect of Stress and Importance of Stress Management

Explanation on Stress Stress, as defined by Hans Seyle is the “nonspecific response of the body to any demand made upon it”. Another definition of stress emphasizes that what makes a situation stressful is our appraisal of our own capabilities in relation to that situation (McEwen,2001, p.173). That simply means that when we feel like…


Stress Management