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Small Business Ownership

Think about a world with just big corporations and no small businesses. There would be no chance for the common man to make a good living, this is why people need small business ownership. Small business ownership is very beneficial in today’s society. One should know how to start a business, with this understanding, as…



Small Business

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Impact of COVID-19 on Small Business: Total Survival Guide 

The deadly outbreak of COVID-19 has immobilized the nation with intense economic crisis due to continuous lockdowns and virus panic. Among the most affected are the small to medium sized business houses that are forced to close their operations. Thus to sustain their existence, most of them have directed their business through the online work…


Small Business

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Small Business Failures and the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

As of late 2014, in nearly all economies, the Center for Economic Performance finds that the number of small businesses “represents more than 95% of all firms” (Criscuolo, et. al. 2014). These businesses are increasingly becoming vital to both the U.S. economy and domestic innovation. The U.S. Chamber Foundations finds that “innovation driven enterprises,” which…


Small Business

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Building an E-commerce Website for Your Small Business

You have a small business idea, and you are ready to build an ecommerce website to begin your professional journey into the online retail market. It might be the first time you are running a shop like this, and even if you are no stranger to the consumer product industry, ecommerce is a unique space…


E Commerce,

Small Business

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Challenges of Small Businesses

This article states that even though there are inherent disadvantages for businesses in remote rural environments, there are some characteristics of remoteness that provide some countervailing benefits to entrepreneurs. The article explains how remote small businesses are a key development resource and promoting enterprises in rural communities provide sustainability and the promotion of ethical consumerism….



Small Business

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Tips for Managing Small Business

Small business owners and managers are responsible for everything from handling marketing to helping employees stay on task. All these little administrative duties take an estimated 240 work days per year when things are going right! That’s a lot of time that you could spend doing other things like helping your company grow. Managing the…


Small Business

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Tips for Small Businesses: 5 Ways to Do Less Work and Make More Profit

Small businesses, such as those with just 2 employees (an owner and 1 employee) or even individuals/freelancers have a dilemma on their hands, which is the issue of how to handle all of duties that owning a business requires while still focusing on delivering their main product or service. Business owners have to wear so…


Small Business

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Effect of Financial Crisis on Small Business

A small business is usually started when one sees a need or product that they can build or fulfill. Many great ideas result in a person wanting to create or fulfill a need. An entrepreneurial spirit is required for this is to take place. One must be willing to take rick, work long hard hours…


Small Business

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Benefits of Small Businesses

Benefits of Starting a Small Business? Well, starting a business at beginning, even at small-scale seems hectic in many ways but still, there are lots of benefits of starting a small business. Following are the key benefits: Flexibility: It makes easy for the owners to work on their own rules. Moreover, all the decisions are…



Small Business

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Small Business in Trouble

“If Congress doesn’t act immediately, countless small businesses will not survive.” (Close, 2020). The fact of life for many small business owners is every dime and penny they own is tied up in their business. Most can not be closed even for the weekend without the risk of having to close the doors for good….



Small Business

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