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Human Resources Intern

Job Analysis Interview As the Human Resources Intern there are many different tasks I am responsible for. This includes assisting in the recruiting process by screening applicants, scheduling and conducting phone screens, processing background checks, scheduling assessments, and scheduling interviews with candidates and hiring managers. I am also responsible for preparing offer letters, creating and…

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Human Resources in Higher Education

More colleges and universities ask their Human Resources (HR ) to function as a strategic partner. This transformation has developed the part of the HR team. In years past, HR in higher education was restricted to tactical and transactional employment. Now, HR serves as a strategic partner to the institution’s leaders as they cope with…

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Aligning Quality Improvement with Human Resources Practices

Healthcare organizations vary in their particular strategies and objectives, but is it safe to say that all healthcare organizations are concerned with quality and patient safety. These issues affect patient care, costs, and patient and employee satisfaction (Fottler & Fried, 2018, p. 311). Measuring and improving quality are vital for healthcare providers and professionals. Ethically,…

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Human Resources

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The Role of Technology in Human Resources

Technology has now taken a major role in the human resource world impacting training, recruiting, data storage and retrieval, digital security, employee interaction, communication, and productivity. Overall, technology has had both positive and negative effects on the human resource world. It’s been said technology is “taking the human out of human resources”. Training has become…

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Google: Global Human Resources Strategic Plan

Google Inc., a giant among technology service providers based in Mountain View, California, USA has remained one of the leaders, if not reigning #1, Best Companies to Work for in America, by employees globally. Google’s brand name is the biggest in the world today. The brand name Google represents a brand that is built on…



Human Resources

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Google’s Human Resources

The Start of Google The rise of Google is one of an American dream. The company was founded by two college students by the name of Larry Page and Sergey Brin. These two men attended the Stanford University in the late 90s. The successful story of Google can be traced back to 1995. It is…



Human Resources

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The importance of HR professionals for modern enterprises

Introduction At present days, one of the main tasks of modern enterprises is the rational use of manpower and the most valuable resource is a human. Modern enterprises with the use of new technologies attach great importance to the scarce professions, in which human resource is the key. ‘People are our most valued asset’ has…

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Human Resources

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The People Operations of Google

The most popular search engine worldwide is Google. Google provides web services, email services, and various other online tools that have made our working and personal life much easier. Alphabet is the parent company of Google. They operate by their mission, vision and core values. But what makes Google Google? The People Operations. Google calls…


Human Resources

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Human Resource Management and Communication

Employees play a key part in the success of an organization because they carry out essential tasks that add value. Employees have to be managed well so that employers can obtain the best from them. The human resource department is the most important unit within an organization since its main focus is on the management…


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Human Resources

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Human Resource Management in Whole Foods Market

Introduction Whole Foods Market is a leader for natural foods stores in America. They seek out the finest natural and organic foods available and maintain a high quality of standard in the industry. Due to having a Quality state of mind, Whole Foods Market has an accelerated customer base. As the health-conscious population of consumers…


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Human Resources

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