School Leadership

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According to Johnson (2014) effective leaders identify and utilize the strengths of faculty and staffs. In a research conducted by Gallup, it was indicated that when adults are able to utilize their strengths in their careers, they are six times more likely to be engaged in their jobs and three times more likely to report having an excellent quality of life. By contrast, the same study said that when people work in jobs where their strengths are not utilized, they are not emotionally engaged in their jobs. In this study it clearly showed that the teachers in the Division of Manila are given enough recognition of their strengths. It can also be inferred that the principals in the Division of Manila are very good school leaders as they possess almost all the competencies at high level as regard to School Leadership.

Mancinelli and Acker- Hocevar and (2017), said that the school leaders are being positioned to have a vital role in improving school level efficiency and in transforming the fortunes of national education through schooling. It is expected that a school leader possess the leadership competencies because of the greater pressures and demands associated of their roles, thus requiring them to be more reflective, relational, contextual and environmentally aware.

Moreover, Ivory and McCellan ( 2015) added that school leadership is not simply putting prescribed solutions into actions but a constant encounter with quandaries that demand thinking and problem solving, responding and adjusting to situations.

For the principals in the Division of Manila, where all the competency strands for School Leadership got an Average Weighted mean described as High shows that these competencies are effectively delivered. They are competent enough in strategic planning that is based on data of the school. The School Improvement Plan that is done every three years is reviewed annually to check if there are plans and programs that are not implemented successfully and do necessary procedures and interventions to make up on it. These plans are properly communicated to the stakeholders.

The principals in Manila also lead and manage change. They assist the teachers in identifying their strengths and weaknesses and do the necessary remediation to address such weaknesses. It is also the responsibility of the principals to build high performance teams in the school where they are leading. Teachers are assigned as committee in some school programs and activities. These programs are monitored and evaluated periodically. With the many functions of school leaders, the principals in the Division of Manila clearly deliver their responsibility and their leadership competencies in school leadership was clearly evident based from the assessment of both respondents.

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