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Factors Affecting Entrepreneurship

Introduction Entrepreneurship is a term we hear a lot in our lives, it is used to refer to the act of risking and gather financial capital so as to promote one’s own enterprise. In the last decade there is a steep rise in the number of entrepreneurs. These ventures play a key role in creating…



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Student Entrepreneurship

The study on Student Entrepreneurship in surat that aims to study the entrepreneurship intention and activities. Entrepreneurship is considered as a tool for economic and industrial development of a country.Entrepreneurship plays an important role in creating a path to employability. It is the development of a business from the beginning until it comes to an…



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Entrepreneurship: How to Start Your Business

What is Entrepreneurship? Entrepreneurship is the act of creating a business while making a profit. Entrepreneurship has a different definition to every business person, its meaning is what entrepreneurship means to them and their business. As a business owner my definition of entrepreneurship is providing a service or product with affordable prices to help others…



Small Business

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Modern Entrepreneurship Articles Review

Introduction Modern entrepreneurship means working unconditionally and bring changes to the society and economy of the country for the good without any limits. Modern entrepreneurship is doing the old things with a new and innovative way with more efficiency and effectiveness and making life easy for the people in the society and surroundings. It is…



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Concept of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a vital element for economic progress as it manifests its fundamental importance in diverse ways: by identifying, assessing and exploiting business opportunities,  by creating new firms and/or renewing existing ones by making them more dynamic, and by driving the economy forward –through innovation, competence, job creation- and by generally improving the wellbeing of…



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The Lack of Entrepreneurship

An entrepreneur is an individual who creates a new business, is commonly seen as an innovator, they play a key role in any economy, using the skills and initiative necessary to anticipate needs (Hayes, 2019). Entrepreneurs are frequently seen as national assets to be cultivated and motivated, their innovations may improve standards of living, and…



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Eco-Entrepreneurship and Green Entrepreneurs

As planet Earth is our home, it is our responsibility to manage the home we live in. It is well identified fact that environmental issues such as “global warming” are threatening the ecosystem and our existence. In recent times the businesses around the world are witnessing things that are varying like never before due to…



Save Environment

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Difference between Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship

It’s perfectly normal to get confused every now and then. After all, English is quite a confusing language. A single letter can transform the meaning of a word easily. A difference in pronunciation can change the word’s definition. Some words even mean the exact same thing, yet they differ in the way they are spelled….



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Science and Technology Based Entrepreneurship

To be able to achieve sustainable progress, any modern business needs regular interventions in specific areas such as manufacturing process and product development. Moreover, for developing new products economically and for exploring new avenues in marketing, entrepreneurs are supposed to have an inclination towards constantly attempting to discern the market pulse and completion. In short,…



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The Decrease in Entrepreneurship Globally

Introduction and Justification for the Research Developed countries such as the UK and the US are constantly helping new entrepreneurs grow and develop their business ventures by offering support in the form of easier access to finance and business advice as well as conducting events such as the ‘Enterprising Britain Awards’ that rewards young entrepreneurs…



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Being an entrepreneur is kind of a buzz word and it seems like everybody is an entrepreneur these days. But what really makes a person an entrepreneur? Well, anyone making some sort of investment in the hope to achieve financial gain is technically an entrepreneur, but some would argue that it is more of a lifestyle or a mindset. Going through any entrepreneurship reflection essay, you’ll find that many people consider it to be a state of mind that allows the investors to make the right decisions and pursue the ideas that bring financial profit. You may also find an essay on entrepreneurship that would focus more on the dark side of that lifestyle, the financial losses, mental stress, and pressure people deal with while on their way to success. Following the ideas that you’d find in your average entrepreneurship essay, you may actually make a good career for yourself, but you must be prepared for some hiccups and bumps all along the way.

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