Effects of Divorce in Children Self-Esteem

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In this article, Kinder explains that children develop a sense of self through interactions with the environment and others. They determine who they are, their likes and dislikes, and their talents and skills. The purpose of the study was to determine the relationship between certain childhood factors and self-esteem in young adulthood. Basically, the main focus of this article is to foresee the effects of divorce in children self-esteem. Based on his paper, it was proven that divorce might influence children development including self-esteem once their experienced it. Clearly, self-esteem is “a personal judgment of worthiness that is expressed in the attitude the individual holds toward himself” which children obtain and discovered their self-worth within their surroundings.

There’s a lot of causes influencing children’s self-esteem. One of the common effect is the children of parental divorce is they arose problem in school. Children who often involve with discipline matters such as skipping, bullying and smoking comes from problematic family. In fact, it may affects children in many areas. They tend to have depression, aggression and anxiety at the same time. They may feel lonely and emptiness compared to intact family that have the best support system in the world. Thus, the level of children self-esteem reduce day after day.

Next, the major influence of parental divorce is the insufficient of children basic needs. As both parents has been apart, surely the custody under one of the partner so the household income was lesser than before. The children may lacking of nutritious food some study stuff and school fee as it costs a lot of money. On the other hand, it is importance component for the growth of children to increase the level of their self-esteem. Not just that, they may face the changes of family lifestyle as the mum is much likely available than dad rarely present in front of them. Thus, children receives less attention from them and much more. Both of them might be struggling balancing their emotional and within priorities. In return, the children perception will distract as there no guider and supporter to keep them on track.

The study have been conduct to prove the non-existence of parents will lead to low self-esteem of children. There were sixty-five student from university participated in this study. Both male and female which aged 18 to 26 years old were divided into two group. The first grouped consisted of student whose biological parents divorced before eighteen and the second one is the students of intact families whose their parents doesn’t divorced at their eighteen. The student consist of forty-four female and twenty-one male. Precisely, the purpose of this study to determine the relationship between certain childhood factors and self-esteem in young adulthood. All the participants were given the questionnaire with fourteen question and answer regarding the age, gender, number of siblings and more. Then, they need to complete it out and rated the question given.

From the conducted study, the result show that there’s no obvious different between the result score. Probably, it was because the small size of sample and limited time. Ironically, the researcher should concern the variable of the study to get the clear relationship and result. They tend to use the gender instead of the age the wider scope among its variable. However it is highlighted that, post-divorce period also effecting children self-esteem. Children who gets the higher score of self-esteem were declined their self-esteem later on. It can be the possible explanation for the previous result of this study. Future research need to consider

To sum up, the role of the parent in the child’s life is very important and valuable. How good a child is depends on how his or her parents cared for them. The relationship between husband and wife should be maintained over time for family harmony. The existence of both parents around their children brings great meaning and keeps them from bad influences and social illnesses. Therefore, parents should be the best examples of their children’s to instil the best self-esteem among them as they are our future leaders in our nation. The home environment and family relationships also shape the personality of the children as all the basics foundation comes from home. Thus, absence of parents to some extent changed the course of their lives and more sad destroy their future. They need their mom and dad as a source of strength the guider and their back bone to get to the top of the world.


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