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Power Distance

People and the nations they are born into vary across the world, similarly so the traditions passed down become the cultural norms and values we see held in modern times. There are a number of ways a culture can vary from one another; these disparities can lead to different approaches when marketing goods and services…

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The Prince and Power

The term power is not easily defined. Although encountered every day, one can easily stumble if asked to define it; yet many of us seek it nevertheless. Dobratz, Waldner, and Buzzell (2015) compiled and examined a myriad of definitions for power from numerous authors drawing form several types of approaches. Absent, however, was Niccolò Machiavelli…




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Authority, Power and Influence in Organization

Some people may claim that authority, power and influence are almost identical things when it comes to leading a team or even the whole organization. These concepts may be related, but they’re completely separate and autonomous. The thing is that, misunderstanding about the minor distinctions of these notions can make a big difference in the…

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Ideology of Power

The dominant ideology of power is rooted in human supremacy, oppressive patriarchy, land, and material resource control. All can come through divine allocation, and are supported by current societal norms, and infrastructure. Fear, distraction, and violence are the primary methods of to keep the system of power benefiting the oppressor. In this system, power is…



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Privilege, Power and Social Class

Three factors that contribute to impacting counseling are privilege, power and social class. These begin to impact us as a counselor through our experiences in life. We may not realize the impact it will have on us until we proceed in our lives. Looking at Anthony’s story we can see how he was raised, changes…


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Shays’ Rebellion: Manipulation and Power

Those in power often exert their muscle to maintain control over the common man. An example of this took place during the 1780’s in Massachusetts when the wealthy from the Eastern part of the state used their outsized influence to control farmers to their west. The farmers rebelled peacefully against the wealthy state politicians but…


US History

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The Power for the Fourth Estate

The power the ‘Fourth Estate’ holds in the United States is nearly unmatched by its ability to control over how the audience thinks and operates over the course of events that happen in our country every day. “The ‘Fourth Estate’ is a societal power, force or institution whose influence is not consistently or officially recognized…




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Power and Dictatorship

Many rulers tend to believe that with power comes full control over people and their society. Rulers such as these come to power as dictators; where the government and social class is ruled by one powerful individual. Many authors such as Machiavelli, John Locke and,Karl Marx see and classify dictatorship as full control over social…

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David’s Abuse of Power

King David, chosen by God and beloved by all. Everything seemed so perfect, but David is only human, and humans are not perfect. Though we all make mistakes when someone is in a position of power, they are expected to know better because their mistakes impact more people. However, David’s mistakes were not just small,…



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Power of the People?

Theories of who runs U. S. cities and influences policy creation have been studied and contradicted for decades. Social scientists fall in to several different camps, but three main theories encompass most of the literature. These theories are pluralism, or the theory of fragmented power where no one group has power over others, elitism, in…

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