Treatment the Mental Illness of Self Esteem

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The nature of this assignment is to provide feedback about treatments used to treat the mental illness of self-esteem. In psychology, self-esteem denotes to a person’s overall sense of his/her significance or value. It may also be understood as one’s attitude toward oneself. Self-esteem can influence our lives in numerous ways, from relationships down to mental health. Each individual’s experience with self-esteem is different, they rise and they fall in orderly ways. Key traits of a person with self-esteem trust in their own abilities, strengths, and powers.

They are realistic and are open about their aspirations and goals. They believe in their own selves, and they accept themselves as they are. However, people that deal with low self-esteem are the complete opposite. Research suggests that self-esteem grows, by varying degrees, until the age of 60, when it remains steady before beginning to decline in old age. Young adults are the ones that are affected the most when it comes to self-esteem. Low self-esteem has a greater undesirable effect, fewer encouraging affect, greater stress and symptom severity in daily life.

The book I selected for this assignment was The Self-Esteem Workbook, by Glenn R. Schiraldi. This treatment falls under the category of cognitive therapy. The treatment described in this workbook consists of step by step plans based on sound principles to help you build a healthy, realistic, and generally stable self-esteem. The skills described in the book are to be applied and practiced in order to succeed. The basic concepts of the theory listed in the workbook are identity, appreciation, acceptance, self-confidence, pride, humility, and selfishness. Each and one of those basic concepts are to be taken into consideration during therapy in order to develop and build self-esteem. This assignment was intended to treat people of all ages who want to build or dealing with low-self esteem.

The Self-Esteem Workbook offers several exercises and worksheets to journal in, in each chapter. The author requests the readers to apply and master the skills being discussed in the corresponding order before you go on to the next one. I believe the treatments discussed in The Self-Esteem Workbook would be great treatments for someone who wants to build or strengthen their self-esteem. Three reasons why I believe the treatments are effective or desirable are because they teach you specific ways and guide you through the steps of building your self-esteem, the treatment will help you build relationships with others and also allows you to express yourself in a comfortable way without any pressure.

The workbook creates chapters for each step to take when building your self-esteem. It begins by clarifying what self-esteem is and finalizes with a chapter of an overview of growth. This treatment provides effective ways to encourage you to eliminate self-destructive thoughts and replace them with reasonable thoughts. In upsetting events, our reactions are automatic, and the majority of the time they are unreasonably negative. In this chapters’ treatment, you learn how to catch distortions, correct them and align them with reality.

The treatment allows you to apply those distortions towards your self-esteem by putting them down on paper and helping you sort them all out to see things clearly. Another supporting reason why this treatment is effective is that it helps you learn the problem-solution approach. In upsetting events, our reactions are automatic, and the majority of the time they are unreasonably negative. As you practice the exercises, it becomes easier to reject the negative automatic thoughts and stay within reasonable responses, therefore, making life easier.

Therefore, as you are challenging yourself, the treatment motivates you and pushes you into overcoming old habits; automatic thoughts. The last supporting reason why I think this is a worthy treatment is that it helps you improve your overall mood and sense of worth. In the process of accepting yourself and realizing what you are worth, you have to go through steps in order to achieve that goal. In chapter 5, it mentions not all people have a sense of their own worth due to obstacles like self-defeating thoughts about oneself, “negative, depressing thought patterns can erode one’s sense of worth.”

Building self-esteem can support recovery efforts and make positive changes in one’s life. When you focus on the positives, it can make the negatives seem less challenging. Acknowledging your strengths and rejecting your flaws, helps you become appreciative. Pointing out your qualities rather than things you’re not good at or have, allow you to learn how to love yourself. This will all influence your heart and feelings and will uplift your mood and sense of worth.

Having healthy self-esteem allows people to feel positive about themselves and about life. Whether they’re ups and downs, they are able to handle they well. When their self-esteem is low, they tend to see themselves and their life in a more negative and complicated way. Challenges that life places on their path are tougher to deal with. My second reason to why this treatment is effective and desirable is because this treatment will help you build relationships with others and make your life easier.

This treatment is effective because it will help you build and reinforce healthy self-esteem to help you create relationships with different types of individuals, whether it’s at home, work, school, or public areas. Not only do you benefit from this treatment to create relationships, but this workbook also contains an overload of information to utilize as a guide to succeeding in life with your career or jobs. Having the ability to be around others and express your character can also help on the long run towards a great job, great friends, and a fun life.

The third main reason why I think this is a good treatment is that journaling is an extremely powerful tool to build your self-esteem. Journaling is a beneficial way of expressing yourself. Writing reduces stress and lowers muscle tension, blood pressure, and heart rate levels from a physically point of you. Writing reduces feelings of sadness, depression and general anxiety, and it leads to a greater level of life satisfaction and optimism from a psychologically point of view.

In chapter 25, the author claims “writing about difficult times is beneficial.” Behaviorally, writing leads to enhanced social skills, emotional intelligence, and creativity. Using these worksheets to journal in are super easy to use and they are resources that will make a huge impact and change in your life. Journaling “enables you to get in touch with and honor all parts of ourselves,” even when times may become difficult. It will allow you to reflect, acknowledge, and gain positivity.

Self-esteem is often seen as a personality trait, which means that it tends to be constant and enduring. Self-esteem is surrounded by a variety of beliefs about yourself, such as the judgment of your own appearance, beliefs, emotions, and behaviors. The purpose of this assignment was to provide a greater level of self-understanding about important life skills that are often necessary to make positive, self-directed changes in the negative patterns that keep repeating throughout life. The activities and exercises in this book can help promote this self-understanding. I am in favor of the treatment described in The Self-Esteem Workbook because it will help you grow healthy reasonable behavior, it will help you believe in yourself in, will also uplift your appearance self-esteem, accept yourself as you are and set your self-worth up high. Self-esteem plays a significant role in your motivation and success throughout your life and I believe this workbook is the first step to take.

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