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The Journey of a Thousand Miles

Growing up as a young man in Kuwait, I have always admired the great level of technological advancement evident in the region that pride as a source of tourist attraction. From the magnificent sky-scrapers, top of the notch transport and communication systems, and huge modern oil wells, Kuwait, certainly has benefited from scientific developments. Since…




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State of Scholarship on Muslim-Arab-Middle Eastern Immigrants

While the preponderance of the afore-mentioned rhetorical studies have revolved around immigrants from the Latina/o community, there has been some, albeit more limited, interest in discourses specifically surrounding Arab-Muslim-Middle Eastern subjects as racialized Others. Indeed, for many years, scholars “ignored or were ignorant” of Arabs in North America (Suleiman, 1999), with Gualtieri (2009) mentioning the…




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Homework Should Be Adjusted and Limited Due to the Stress It Causes to Teachers, Parents and Students

Sure, homework can be helpful in some forms. But at what cost? Most parents and teacher believe in homework solely on faith that it can enhance the learning experience, when it is simply unhealthy. The supposedly helpful practice of homework should be limited and adjusted due to the stress and anxiety that it causes parents,…


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My Degree Analysis: Liberal Studies, B.A.

Mercer University’s Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Studies is an individualized and self-designed multidisciplinary program of study. The program includes a combination of arts, sciences, history, religion, literature, mathematics, cultural studies and liberal studies courses along with specific concentration courses. It requires a total of 120 semester hours for completion which consists of 39…

Personal Goals,

Professional goals,



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The History of a Successful Life

I am a student, girl, and women. My height is 5.4 feet, skin color bright shyamala, long hair and fascinator eye. In a short time, I can attractive others people very easily. I have a good side that I can make friendship with others people especially kids because from my childhood, I love child very…





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Is the High Price of College Worth It Anymore

College is very beneficial to someone’s long-term success. The biggest issue many workers have today is being unhappy in what they do. People stay in jobs for years just because the need for money is greater than the need to be happy. Sometimes even being a hard worker in a minimum wage paying job will…

College Education,

Importance Of College Education,

Is College Worth It

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My Research Related to Newtown High School

Newtown High School is situated on 48-01 90th street, Elmhurst, NY 11373. On October 2nd, 2018, I went to Newtown High School to request an authorization to do my field work. Ever since I arrived at the school on that day, I felt welcomed by all the staff members from the school and continued to…

National Honor Society,



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The Importance of Education and My Motivation in Pursuing My Educational Goals

Education is something I think is very valuable that shouldn’t be taken lightly. I believe when someone can receive education that they should do it without any questions because there is nothing wrong with having more knowledge. The more knowledge one knows the further in life he or she can get. I believe education doesn’t…

Educational Goals

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Analysis of the Film Dead Poet’s Society

Film Critique For this film critique, I watched the movie Dead Poet’s Society starring Robin Williams. I felt this film greatly reflected the topics that we have covered in class this semester. This movie is all about motivating your students, and when the time comes, using your own advice to motivate yourself during certain situations….


Dead Poets Society,


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An Analogy That Taught Me Something New

Erin McKean’s TED Talk “ The Joy of Lexicography” was interesting and funny. Erin made some good points on how the dictionary has changed. I remember having to buy a dictionary for school in the past. It was pretty easy to use. Looked up the words and didn’t have problems with it. I never really…




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Education is the process of sharing and or receiving systematic instructions from someone, usually of higher status.

Education is an important tool used in society since the dawn of time. Whether it comes to waging wars, military intelligence, to further pursue a life of the intelligence. Without intelligence, humans would be forced to conform to living in the dark ages once again. Education is fundamental as well as economic for the world.

Without the use of education, certain things such as cars or more importantly trade wouldn’t be possible. Education teaches people such as merchants how to make a living by selling products that the community will find useful. It teaches students in law school to be good at what they do and be the best they can be at their jobs.

Education is a major part of human history, the evolution of light sources such as primitive fires to modern daylight bulbs started with a single thought, and because Thomas Edison had the education and was smart enough to create something that would revolutionize the way humans use light. Another example is Alexander Graham Bell, the creator of the telephone.

Alexander G. Bell’s knowledge didn’t come out of thin air. He knew that in order to make the telephone be able to work, he had to understand which circuit would work together properly as well as produce a strong enough electrical current that people could communicate with one another from great distances.

Both of these geniuses would no have been able to make such a big impact without having received an education and understanding of electrical currents.

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