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Personal Narrative on a Graduation Event Accomplishment Essay

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High School

Our high school graduation event remains one of the most important events in my life. The graduation was not just an event but also a transition towards the achievement of my goals and objectives, both in education and career. Besides, the graduation was an indication that I was ready to take the next step towards…

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Emotions on Graduation Day

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High School

Some seniors are hoping to get into someone’s college. Some are happy some are not. Students are saying goodbye to their friends and the school that they have known for the last four years, while at the same time they are dreaming about who they want to become. High school was an important time in…

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Graduation Ceremony Speech

Pages 4 (871 words)


High School

Good morning friends, teachers, parents and fellow graduates. I feel deeply honored to be standing before you at such an unforgettable moment. Well, can you believe it? Time flies like an arrow. Everything happened as fast as a blink of an eye. And now we are graduating. As the saying goes, “Graduation is an exciting…

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Student Speech for Graduation Ceremony

Pages 3 (505 words)


High School


Good Morning ladies and gentlemen, my dear teachers and fellow friends. Today is the graduation ceremony of our school. So, let me introduce myself. I am Wong Yi Shan and I feel very honored to be able to speak for everyone here. First and foremost, thank you all for attending and congratulate all our graduates…

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Where is the Highest and the Lowest Graduation Rate?

Pages 4 (793 words)



Did you know Finland has one of the highest graduation rate and Mexico has one of lowest graduation rate, Why is that? Finland is a country in Northern Europe with population of six million people and its considered to be a homogeneous country. Finland is a parliamentary democracy with a multiparty political system. Sauli Niinistö…

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Celebration of an Individual’s Change of Status in Society

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The birth of a child, a youth’s coming of age, a graduation, an engagement, a wedding, joining a sisterhood/brotherhood, joining the military, and the funeral of a respected elder are all events in which an individual undergoes a change of status. In any rite of passage such as marriage, graduation, or birthday, involves dressing up/…

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Improvement of Graduation Rates

Pages 3 (676 words)


Higher Education

In most conversations about higher education accountability, graduation rates are considered one of the most critical components of success for both students and institutions. Although many factors have contributed to the recent trend in declining graduation rates, policymakers, students, parents, and communities are looking to colleges and universities for answers. Can college officials be entirely…

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Reasons of Lower Graduation Rates in the Poor Districts

Pages 2 (338 words)




Communities living in poverty have ensured that their youth finds value into, their education despite the financial situation they are in. The only issue with this, however, is the government’s selfish deed of denying access to sufficient funding in their schools. The effect on their education because of this- insufficient materials, low testing scores causing…

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Kindergarten Graduation

Pages 4 (855 words)



Most families get together in celebration of their kid’s early milestones. Take, for instance, kindergarten graduation. Aside from the fact that it is an opportunity to see kids wearing their mini mortarboards and mini graduation gowns, kindergarten and nursery graduations is also a period of their life where they can associate graduation to a positive…

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Goal of Graduation College in the Year 2004

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For the goal of graduating college in the year 2004, my weakness in the area of skill is that there is so much that I haven’t learned yet, Only by going to class and studying will I get the proper knowledge to graduate I am familiar with my basic concepts from high school and those…

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Why Do You Need a Graduation?


Personal information gives trusted committees the ability to identify you: your goals and priorities, what you will bring to the program, and what you will receive from the program. You will need to sell it to a reputable committee that gives you authority. Your graduation is an important opportunity to clarify important things about you that are not found elsewhere in your app.

Single words are slightly different from purposeful statements (also called intentional statements). Qeymeqam focuses more on your academic or professional background as well as your future research and/or professional interests.

Even though your personal thoughts are tied to your educational experience and goals, you have more, better, and more personal freedom. It is personally relevant to know about personal experiences or topics that are directly related to your area of ​​interest.

Some applications require a personal statement as well as a statement of intent/confirmation letter. In this case, your application may be more focused on your personal experience and personality as you focus on your research/research and goals.

 But there is not always a firm boundary between speech and human intent. These two types of proposals should be very similar to each other, especially about your future goals and the values ​​you bring to the program. Some programs require your feedback, but interviews will focus more on your research, experience, and interests. Some of you want a goal, but the question in your life is clear.

When in doubt, immediately give the app what they are looking for and if they are invited by a personal statement or a statement of purpose, they will get it. You can contact the law firm to find out more about what they are willing to do for you.


What are Good Personal Statement for Graduate School?

The positive personal words of high school graduates can take many forms. However, not all strong examples of characters in high school are the same:


Understandable History

Best of all, a good personal voice sends clear messages about what makes you a confident person who can do well in high school. In the meantime, think about some of the key points you want to express yourself, and then think about how well you present the content. (Of course, your main points should be related to what you can bring to the area and specifically to the program).

You can also do something like break up or seize an opportunity that you will use as part of your story. Low GPA for several semesters due to health problems? Have you been unemployed for some time and left your relatives? If you decide to save money and make the snow less dangerous, you are fooling yourself.


 Real life Examples

It is best to use specific examples to illustrate important messages. These notes may contain certain characteristics or testimonials from experts and documents that influence your reading process, which indicate that you are familiar with the relevant literature in your field.

It is wrong to say: “I love plants.” Explain how you worked on a plant during your training, and then went home and carefully raised your greenhouse, where you selected new varieties of very special and bright colors, this is good evidence.


 Good Enough Fit

Strict personal words explain why you interact well with the program and why it is useful to you. It is important for you to know the features of your preferred software and how you can use it. It’s also a good idea to talk about real teachers you want to work with. This ensures that you aware of program and that it is funded.


 Strong Letter

While more and more educators and scholars are often demanding less writing, it’s important that you demonstrate strong writing skills for your words. Make sure you communicate clearly and that there are no grammatical or typographical errors. This will help others read your words and respond. Plan to learn more.

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