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My Experience in Medical School and a Future With a Career in Medicine

My grandfather wasa well-respected physician in his community. His colleagues revered him as an honest, kind person who always had time for his patients. He was a general surgeon by training but ultimately opened a nice little private practice in Port Arthur, Texas, where I was born and raised.I remember going to his oftice quite…


Medical Ethics,


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Issue of School Infrastructure and Its Impact on Quality of Education

The issue that influences the quality of education in most of the schools, is that the government is battling to supply satisfactory school infrastructure. School infrastructure is important because it makes the teaching and learning process successful, improves learner performance and it decreases the number of learners who dropout. Inclusive education is when all learners…



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Secondary School Certificate Examination

Relationship between Examination and Achievements in SSC Examination Male and female students views towards secondary school certificate (SSC) examination including both the subject itself and its implication and their future views towards SSC examination and achievement in SSC examination bad traditionally been a major, concern in SSC examination education research (Ma and Kishore,1997) for example…


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School Captain Speech

Firstly, I’m going to begin by telling you why I would like to become a school captain. I want to become a school captain because I’m an intelligent girl and I have strong leadership skills. I’ve been in this school for nearly 7 years and I feel like I can take on bigger roles. So…



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School Management and Leadership

Introduction The constitution of South Africa includes the Human Rights Act which addresses respect and being humane. This holds implications for the management of the school environment. According to Article 9(2) of the schools’ Act, learners may be expelled from school after they have been found guilty of serious acts of misbehaviour after a reasonable…



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U.S. Society Today Place More Value On Schooling Than It Should Summary

In the article Against School, John Taylor Gatto conveys his firm conviction of how students are forced to conform to low-standard education in the typical public school system to benefit society much more than the students themselves, making schooling unnecessary as compared to education. Children are taught and forced to follow a bias education system,…



United States

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Problem of School and Poverty

To live a lifetime of jubilation and erudition, a majority of people take the path of education. The obtainment of knowledge enables individuals to discover the extent of the world around them and take full potential of it. However, in order to attain quality knowledge, the foundation of it has to be strong. The introduction…



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School Lunches

Are school lunches really cost effective or does it just appear this way? Penryn College have initiated a scheme to provide cooked school lunches for learners from Pre-school to Matric. Lunch is consumed during allocated time slots according to the learner’s Grade. The Lunch scheme is advertised as being cost effective and easier for parents…



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School Education Is not so Important

That’s not what the definition of education, we call that bulimia. And the more bulimic we become the better will we do on assessments. Which does sound absurd but unfortunately 100% true. Which is also no wonder why so many of us students graduate mentally and emotionally anorexic. The true definition of education should teach…



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Tips for Success Beginning of New Year in School

The beginning of the new school year is an energizing time, but on the other hand it’s a mind-boggling one. Every year, the homework gets more earnestly and there are greater obligations regarding your children. Each class kickoff season, you need to make sense of another calendar and sink into another daily schedule. Thus, all…



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