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Japanese Immigrant Experience

At first glance, the Japanese immigrant experience echoes the experiences of millions who came to America from all over the world, full of mixed emotions and hope for a new start. Using World War II as a pivotal period from which to view Japanese-American assimilation, this paper will analyze the push and pull factors of…



The Japanese Education System

Throughout the world, education systems function differently. Each country develops an educational system that will best fit the needs of their people. Countries often reshape and reform education systems based on success rates. After World War II, the Japanese educational system was reformed. The system was changed from 6-5-3-3 to 6-3-3-4. Which means six years…

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Japanese English

Many Japanese people use the wrong English words. For example, Japanese people sometimes mixed foreign wrong words ‘Gairaigo’ with English. So, People often make mistakes when they speak in English and use Gairaigo, because Gairaigo is not always from English. Many times, it’s from Portuguese, French and all native country like Italy for spaghetti and…



The 7 Best Japanese Cartoons

If you’re stopped by Naruto, Albator, Dragon Ball Z and Goldorak (fantasy television series on comics), discover the feature films of the greatest Japanese directors. Here are the best Japanese cartoons in the history of cinema, to implement his Japanese online courses. Pixar and Walt Disney just have to stay up! Nausica from the Valley of the…

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Japanese Culture

Japanese Beauty Secrets to stay Beautiful

In the beauty world, Japanese women have something to make us jealous. Known for their peach skin, their radiant complexion without imperfections, their silky hair they have very specific care rituals. In recent years, Asian cosmetics(BB and CC creams, lip inks, slime snail …) are on the rise. In this article, we share Japanese beauty secrets with you to stay beautiful and feel good….

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Japanese Young Women Attitudes towards Marriage

The Japanese National Fertility Survey by the National Institute of Population and Social Security Research (NIPSSR, 2015) providing unique information on Japanese young women attitudes towards marriage. The proportion of women wanting to get married at some point in their life (izure kekkon suru tsumori) remained pretty high as 89.3 percent of them agreed with…



Malaya Invasion by the Japanese

Introduction On 8 December 1941, Kota Bharu on the border of Malaya and Thailand was invaded by the Japanese forces – led by Lieutenant General Yamashita. The invasion on Malaya was made simultaneously with the attack on Pearl Harbor to prevent America from interfering in South-East Asia. As the Japanese troops advanced down the east…



Japanese Culture and Tradition

Introduction Japan pronounced in Japanese as “Nippon” or “Nihon,” is a Pacific Ocean island nation off the coast of mainland Asia. The name Japan has given by a European explorer Marco Polo. From economic booms to recessions, back to economic booms, Japan is a country with both deep-rooted traditions and social practices. It is a…



Japanese Culture