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This I Believe: My Dream Career

I believe that the most typical reasons of studying in university are to prepare for a dream job career, to have new experiences and to increase their knowledge. For me, I want to increase my academic knowledge and visit different countries and to learn from great people that I would meet. However, the most important…



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College Or University: What To Choose?

Is graduation around the corner, and you haven’t decided what to do next? Are you still wondering whether to attend a community college or a traditional university? Are you beginning to question if you are truly ready to be away from home? If that’s the case, you are not alone. In fact, many high school…

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Why College Is Important

Procrastination: University Life

University students are mature enough to be responsible for their timetable and how they organize and manage their time. However, some failed to do so due to procrastination. Procrastination has now been a lifestyle for many university students. It is like a habit in them which is hard for them to neglect/avoid. One of the…




What are the Advantages of Studying Abroad?

Studying abroad is something that everyone should consider at one point in their life. It is what I plan to do hopefully if everything goes right with transferring oversees. Studying abroad is going to teach a person a lot it will make an individual endure hardship and handle bigger responsibilities than ever. Why should you…


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Impact of Personal Experiences to Choose University

Growing up in Tunisia (north Africa) with a very difficult life and less hope for the future, I have always dreaming to change my life to have a good education and a great future, but it was not easy for me to leave my family and to pay for my studies. So, my cousin was…

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My Aim Is Master’s Degree in Finance

Modern age finance professionals play a vital role in the development of the global economy and how it will be shaping out shortly. My interest in finance ignited from diverse factors as I was always naturally inclined towards numbers and analysis, thus the field of finance naturally suits me. The power of money over the…



Impact of Social Networking Sites on University Students

Introduction Nowadays the most normally used technique for correspondence is online life organizing. It is being utilized by people having a place with all social statuses. Right around 10 years 8 prior, web based life was broadly acknowledged by open. There are various internet organizing stages that incorporate yet not restricted to Facebook, Youtube, twitter,…

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Public and Private Higher Education

There is a great debate between two viewpoints about higher education, public and private. Some experts agree that private universities are the best option for students to achieve their academic objectives. In contrast, public universities defenders do not consider the same. Since professional training is considered so essential for life, it is highly important to…

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Effectiveness Measurement of Academic Integrity Messages

According to Belch and Belch (2017), effectiveness measure is when we can see how well our decisions in the media strategy are achieved in desired results and accomplishment of the objectives. This needs to be assess in order to be provided with important feedbacks such as to determine if the objectives are achieved and to…

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