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The Pressures of Homework during High School

Homework is a joy, a benefit, a means of learning—but also a toil, an obstacle, a system of hindering. Most teenagers would choose the latter. After a couple of years enjoying the easy homework assignments, I come to high school, where homework stacks like dust on furniture. Some people abominate high school, and some people…


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Advantages and Disadvantages of Homework Analytical Essay

Homework is thought is to promote academic learning as students spend increased amounts of time studying. It assists in developing intellectual skills and fosters good habits and discipline. The student has a sense of responsibility as he has to take time out of his hobbies and extracurricular activities to sit down and finish his assigned…



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Why Homework is Useless Argumentative Essay

Sally had so much homework she was stressed. She was only absent for a few days and now her evil wicked teachers gave her of a stack of homework that’s taller than the Twin Towers! Sally was so crushed because her favorite show was now on Netflix and she didn’t have time to watch it….



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Homework Should Be Banned? Argumentative Essay

Introduction It is impossible to imagine a modern educational institute without homework. In different system of education used in different levels, homework is a common tool teacher or facilitator got to use. Mostly students assigned daily homework on each lesson they learn. But the real question is, is it necessary to give homework? Although there…



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Homework: Harm or Good? Argumentative Essay

Homework is a very important part of education, because it gives children the opportunity to remember crucial information and knowledge given in the classroom. However, I will discuss some of the arguments for and against doing homework. I will start by considering two arguments in favor of doing homework. Firstly, homework should be there to…



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Is Homework Harmful or Helpful? Argumentative Essay

Do you feel homework helps you, or does it stress you out? Research shows homework actually improves test scores, whether it be on state testing or on regular chapter tests, however too much homework can lead to sleep deprivation. Research shows fifty-nine percent of students feel they have too much homework and forty-three percent feel…



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Is Homework a Waste of Time? Argumentative Essay

As you may not know, in our kind of generation numerous of children and some even teachers complain about the piles of homework they get in a weekly base, on average secondary school pupils spend around 7 hours a week on homework. Some say that homework can help to develop your ability to learning and…



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Homework for Student: Good or Bad? Argumentative Essay

Many students in this century has stressed over their homework. The student may have plenty of times. It is not like they haven’t been at school for long hours doing work or anything. School is already stressful enough, and having homework at home, which is a place to relax. In my opinion homework itself helps…



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Homework is not a Waste of Time Argumentative Essay

Homework defined as out of class tasks assigned to students required to do at home. Every student in the world got a homework from their teacher, to see if they understand or not. According to Ron Kurtus, at teacher at University of Missouri “Students typically retain only 50% of the information teachers provide in class,…



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Homework: Quantity versus Quality?

The topic of homework is a very long and often self-contradicting discussion among parents, teachers, and experts. The discussion is about how much is too much, or how much is too little, or even if homework is beneficial to students at all. However, among the long discussion, there is little mention of the quality of…



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Nobody really likes homework but it is an essential part of the learning process. As a student, you need to understand that your teacher is just a conduit of knowledge and skills you have to master yourself. The most important part of the learning is the part you do yourself, that is when you synthesize the information you get at, apply this information, and kind of generate the knowledge that stays with you for the rest of your life. For instance, if you read an essay on homework or listen to your teacher’s instructions, you get a basic idea of what to do, but the real knowledge comes when you actually write that homework essay. Learning to write essays is only possible if you write them, so you can listen to the teachers and experts for many-many hours, but you will only be good at writing your homework persuasive essay after you do it, and you have to do it again and again until you are really good at it. The same principle applies to any other skill.

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