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Positive College Experience and College Satisfaction within Students

Abstract All throughout kindergarten all the way up to your last days of high school you are held by the hand or your parents, leading you every step of the way. Going to college is a total different ball game and is a huge milestone in majority of people’s lives. The future study will analyze…

College Experience,

College Life

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Alcohol Experience on College Campuses

Most importantly, if this policy is successful it will create a healthier lifestyle for the person who once drank. Based on my research, I do not think there will ever be a complete elimination to underage drinking, but I do believe there are great measures that can be taken in order to reduce the consumption…

College Experience,

College Life

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The College Experience in Community

During the last year of high school, students begin to think about their next step after graduation. For many, the choice is to earn a degree on their desirable career. Community colleges have many benefits that can help achieve that goal. However, it’s essential to know that attending a community college also contains downsides. When…

College Experience,

College Life

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