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My Experience to Study Abroad in Copenhagen Application

I am excited to study abroad in Copenhagen because I know that I will both grow and be challenged during my trip. Firstly, I believe that studying abroad will teach me how to live outside my comfort zone. I will be living in a country and city where I know absolutely no one. The only…

Study Abroad,

Studying Abroad

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Why I Wan to Study Abroad in England at De Montfort University

My name is Serena Strok and I’m currently in second-year, studying Leisure & Events Management at Inholland University of Applied Sciences. I’m so excited to have this unique chance of expanding my education and create new opportunities for my career. I’m particularly interested in studying in England at De Montfort University because of the diversity…

Study Abroad,

Studying Abroad

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Benefits of Study Abroad

The ability to communicate efficiently in an unknown culture and language is vital for international students. The ultimate gain of any overseas student is attaining high levels of the native language proficiency and should at least be able to make normal progress. However, it may be difficult for some students to learn and use the…

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Studying Abroad

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Why I Want to Study Abroad in Greece

To me, the opportunity to study abroad has always been on my mind. My main goal in life, is to travel the world and to become the most enlightened person I can become. In order to do this, being open minded and experiencing cultures from around the world is a necessity. My previous Anthropology professor…

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Studying Abroad

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Experience Culture Shock during Study Abroad

Nowadays, there are more people choose to study abroad. Therefore, they must experience a lot of culture shock in other countries. Why we experience culture shock? National culture refers to the historical development and social heritage. Due to the different historical developments of different ethnic groups. The culture formed in the long history of national…

Culture Shock,

Study Abroad

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