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Makerspaces in Public Libraries

The programming of creative activities or manufacturing makerspaces can offer unique opportunities for libraries to connect with their communities and their users in new ways, strengthening the work of the library as a space for creative expression and learning. However, public librarians are still testing what types of programs and equipment are tailored to the…


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Are Libraries Still Important? 

Wednesdays were very important to me when I was in the second grade because that meant a trip to the public library. I would go there for storytelling and what was great about was you never knew what to expect. The character of the book being read could be there and the librarian just had…


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Digital Library: A Survey

Abstract This paper measures different definition about Digital library from the dimension of scholars and multiple properties that involves DL researches. Then we travel through different issues and situation that creates and asserts a digital library. Digital library is a collection of graphical information and digitalize documents. Digital library also includes different producers that will…



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Smart Technologies in Libraries

Abstract This paper discusses the technology advancement in the libraries. At present scenario, smart technologies are playing is a wide role on the development of information management and library operations with the help of a technological tool like e.g. Sensor based tool, Use of RFID, Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and Robotics. Smart technologies are now going…



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ICT based Best Practices in Library

Abstract Information and conversation technologies (ICTs) are a various set of technological gear and resources – used for making, storing, dealing, and human interest data. For academic functions, ICTs might be familiar with support teaching and studying moreover as evaluation activities in addition to cooperative gaining knowledge of and inquiring. One of the primary packages…

Information Technology,



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Public Library is not Dying

Are libraries still relevant today? One thing I have been asked over and over since beginning my work in the library is, “Does anyone still use the library?” Personally, I always view this question as an opportunity to proselytize about the uses and functions of the modern library. Libraries, like society itself, are undergoing a…



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Public Librarianship

Abstract This paper investigates three distributed articles that account for the outcomes from research directed on Public Librarianship. The materials, be that as it may, differ in the data and use. Cram (2011) talks about a personal view of public librarianship and how librarianship in public libraries have changed. Cram focused on the profession and…


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Why I like to Work in Public Library

For most of my professional life, i have said that I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I grew up. However, I think the truth is that I always did know and just managed to ignore that truth. Everything I have ever done has lead me to be involved in the world of…


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New York Public Library Hotspots

Today I will be reviewing for you the hot-spots available through the New York Public Library, called NYPL hereafter, and its larger associated libraries. I will be assessing it over 17 criteria. I will include an estimated TCO for us and the library. Product Overview The product is a hotspot and modem kit with which…



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Parks Library is My Second Home

I am so glad to have you in my life and appreciate your effort towards my admission at Iowa State University. Iowa State University founded in 1856 is a public land-grant research university located in Ames, Iowa, United States. Iowa State University has a huge campus with a lot of good places like Memorial Union,…


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