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Positive & Negative Learning Experience

I’ve had several negative learning experiences but many positive ones that I have enjoyed and benefited from greatly. One of my learning experiences was to write my first poem in my English class. I found it very hard at first but I figured out what to write about. I didn’t know much about writing poems….

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Changes in Education

The task of educational professionals is to prepare students to be productive members of society. As time has changed, inclusive classroom and diversity and socioeconomic reforms have occurred to provide a better representation of quality education for all students, including those with special needs; however, there is still more work to close the gap of…


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Educational Goals

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Success Factors for Effective Educational Management

Defining management The concept management has been described as a group of activities focused on the competent and successful utilisation of resources, whether it is human, physical or financial resources with the intention of reaching a goal or target. A definition suggested by Kukreja (2019:2) claims management within the educational environment is “an art of…

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Leadership Styles,


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Beneficial Experiences of Studying Abroad

Studying abroad may be one of the most significant and beneficial experiences for all the students around the world. Students who are studying abroad will confidently stand out from the crowd with the unique skills they gained. By studying abroad , students have the opportunity to learn about new cultures and perspectives, improve language skills…

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Higher Education,

Studying Abroad

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My Experience with Mathematics

Many people perceive mathematics as boring and all about numbers, letters, and equations. But Mathematics plays a very vital role in everyday life. It is found everywhere in life and work. There are many applications of math in the society. But before appreciating those applications and use of mathematics we should go to school and…

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What are the Advantages of Studying Abroad?

Studying abroad is something that everyone should consider at one point in their life. It is what I plan to do hopefully if everything goes right with transferring oversees. Studying abroad is going to teach a person a lot it will make an individual endure hardship and handle bigger responsibilities than ever. Why should you…


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