The Pressures of Homework during High School

Updated August 1, 2022

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The Pressures of Homework during High School essay

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Homework is a joy, a benefit, a means of learning—but also a toil, an obstacle, a system of hindering. Most teenagers would choose the latter. After a couple of years enjoying the easy homework assignments, I come to high school, where homework stacks like dust on furniture. Some people abominate high school, and some people enjoy it, but what it comes down to in high school is the amount of work one puts into it. This resulted in my acculturation to the rigorous social, academic, and athletic norms of now. Whereas middle school was a dormant volcano, high school is a blisteringly hot, ready-to-erupt composite volcano, and I have to run fast enough to outrun its deadly lava. If the consequences of failing high school are the lava that chases me, then my work ethic is the condition of my shoes. Every freshman has to enjoin his priorities and put on his best running shoes, for the lava doesn’t delay for long. An inadvertent slip, and suddenly he’s behind everyone else. It may be adventitious that he left his homework in his mother’s car; it may be that he doesn’t possess the will to achieve more than a nominal standing at high school.

My heels were singed. I did not run fast enough; I was almost always in the classroom by 7:26 and quickly unpacking while our teacher issued instructions; I had moved at the speed of fermentation (49 days). It was the time that I decided to expedite my homework production, drawing time from all kinds of sources. Obviously, the most common supply of time was my sleep time. By allocating more of my sleep time for school, I could get a lot more homework finished in one night than before. In fact, I had often found that, on my eighth-grade RNs, I often scored higher when I finished mine later in the night than usual. So I tried this strategy with Freshman English; it worked, until we started reading Shakespeare. My subconscious just cannot process Shakespeare’s dense and confusing language.

Consequently, I learned that I should prioritize my time more efficiently and avoid procrastination, because it was not fun to expiate my homework. As the year neared its end, teachers struggled to finish their curriculum. Homework increased exponentially, and many people were “winging” their homework assignments. This noncommittal way of completing tasks really hurts a person’s learning. It was easy to ascribe the suffering to the homework load, not to mention the exams and frustration of waiting for summer. Although I commiserate with these people, I won’t let this burn me. This proclivity of mine has helped me survive freshman year. However, I am fatigued; the lava runs ever faster, my shoes are becoming heavier, and this tenuous effort is ready to collapse. I guess that I just need a little more time…

The Pressures of Homework during High School essay

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