An Interview with a College Athlete Coach on the Issue of Payment for College Athletes

Updated August 1, 2022

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An Interview with a College Athlete Coach on the Issue of Payment for College Athletes essay

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To understand whether it was necessary for college athletes to be paid, I decided to conduct an interview on a college athlete coach. The name of the coach is John Smith who seemed satisfied with his field of duty and thus does it with passion. The couch has been in this careers for the last 5 years and has been fundamental, leading a number of athletes in winning different awards. Due to his dedication in his work, he has risen to a senior position of a senior coach. His role in this institution is to ensure that the students with interest in athletics get the right skills. The coach explained that over the last few decades, College athletic has gained popularity among Americans. It has also increased revenues for the National Collegiate Athletics Association. Athletics according to the coach forms the basic unit of intercollegiate sports. National Collegiate Athletics Association argues that paying college athletics will compromise the integrity of intercollegiate athletics and hence they want to maintain it at an amateur status.

The college athletics has increased profit through sale of merchandise, video games and television rights. Athletics are the main players in these activities but does not actually benefit. This is unethical and can be said to be an exploitation. He gave an evidence using student on scholarship. Smith claimed that students on scholarship get paid when they offer services to the school and hence he thought this should also apply to the athletics’ students too. Athletes’ offers more to their colleges hence sports have become the foundation of some colleges. He gave example of universities like Indiana and Alabama which are well known for football and basketball respectively. Athletes bring in money for their schools in many different ways. For example, Butler university experienced an increased undergraduate application when there Basketball club made it to Finals four times in a row. For TV networks to broadcast these athletes, they have to pay.

What of the fans who attend the games in numbers? To access the play grounds, they have to pay. College athletes also contributes to community money. When they come in town for games, many businesses benefits. Growth in athletics between colleges and universities have led to revenue increment for NCAA and colleges, not to forget the attractive package payment for coaches. College athletes therefore deserve to be paid for the hard work and for their accomplishments. Some athletic students struggle a lot for money when it comes to things that are not covered in scholarship. So to cover up for this, sources where money can be reallocated to pay the athletes are like coaches’ salaries, and even from NCAA itself. A system could be devised to allow student athletes to endorse products and services which could be lucrative for all involved while motivating more student athletes to stay in college and not run to the pros right away. Colleges should start paying athletes what they are worth.

An Interview with a College Athlete Coach on the Issue of Payment for College Athletes essay

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