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Role of High School in Showing Job Opportunities

When students graduate high school and head off into college during the fall semester, they face new obstacles and leave with a huge amount of student debts in their hands. They thought to themselves, “Is college that important? What will college teach me that I can’t learn from my job or my everyday life? Will…

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High School Freshman

It is a great opportunity for a student to graduate and continue with their education to high school. This is a transition period that requires proper guidance to a student who is to face a different form of life. Social situations to class and out of class activities that the student is to face require…

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High School Football

A concussion is a brain injury caused by a blow to the head or a violent shaking of the head and body. They are over 3 million cases of concussion injuries. Concussions are being taken more seriously today than ever before. Most concussions are related to football. There are at least 60,000 concussions like this…


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Age Restrictions to High School Students

On average students are expected to be 18 years of age either finishing their matric year or going into it. Yet when a much slower student that stays in school a bit longer to achieve the honour of being dubbed able with the oh so infamous piece of paper called a matric certificate, they are…

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The Real Truth About The Columbine High School Shooting: Facts and Victims

The columbine high school shooting was a horrid event that took place on the twentieth of April 1999, at the columbine high school in columbine, Colorado, United States. It is generally known as the columbine high school massacre because of the awful events that took place that day. Two teenagers; Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold…


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Necessity of Basic Skills Test

What is a basic skills test? A basic skills test is a test on what you learned on how do to many things you need to do as an adult. A basic skills test consits of verbal and quatnative questions. They both supply employers with a large spectrum of your personal skills,abilites and strengths. Basically…

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Procrastination and Time Management in High School

Reason/ Justification In Choosing The Topic: Time is a continuous significant matter that is sometimes being underestimated. People can have it whenever they wanted to do their stuffs and fix their own issues in life. Every single second does even matter that if we let it pass is a big loss for us. But most…

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Time Management

Who Am I: My Dreaming Future

The very first question is why am I here at U of R, I want to change the question and want to make it why am I here in Canada. Basically I’m from India but it always being my dream to get an degree and to open my own business in foreign country but I…


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Time Management Skills

Reason/ Justification In Choosing The Topic: Time is a limited resource. In every task it can be more or less effectively managed. The self-perception of having good time management skills is considered to have a direct correlation to performance levels of the students. Stephen Convey defines time management “as how you organize your priorities much…

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Personal Narrative on a Graduation Event

Our high school graduation event remains one of the most important events in my life. The graduation was not just an event but also a transition towards the achievement of my goals and objectives, both in education and career. Besides, the graduation was an indication that I was ready to take the next step towards…


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