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Lifelong Learning

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The purpose of this essay is to inform about lifelong learning. Lifelong learning starts from a place of curiosity and develops in to a pursuit of knowledge that benefits a person in their careers and daily lives. This essay will analyze the key characteristics of a lifelong learner which include curiosity, motivation, and self-discipline. Furthermore,…

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Advantages of E-learning

Pages 2 (450 words)



Technology in Education

In modern learning systems, the e-learning is defined as the learning instructions and provided through use of digital devices, which include but not limited to computing devices. The computing devices here includes the use smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, laptop computers, PDAs and other forms of digital tabloid devices. In its very basic form, the e-learning…

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Flipped Learning

Pages 9 (2 240 words)




Classrooms today look different then they did twenty years ago. Technology has become more affordable and accessible, students are attached to their phones, and schools are going 1 to 1 with technology. Is the traditional way of teaching outdated? Are there other methods that bring about higher academic achievement that use technology? These are questions…

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Learning Lesson

Pages 3 (668 words)




Learning experiences as a student that were the most memorable to me was in the first grade. My teacher Ms. Cornet was the best. She was very patient with each student. She took the time to get to know what each student knew in relation to the curriculum that would be taught . She was…

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Learning Styles

Pages 3 (703 words)



People learn differently so it is important that you become aware of you prefer to learn. Your preferred style of learning may be different from the way your courses are taught but that doesn’t you don’t have the option to learn. You might have problems with paying attention or listening but there are ways to get…

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Authentic Learning

Pages 4 (780 words)




Traditionally students were not the active agents and learning was based on listening and observing but over the decades medical education has showed the transformation by focusing on the learning product by means of “Authentic learning” which is best practiced by providing quality learning experience to the students. Authentic learning is learning by practicing and…

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Learning Behavior Argumentative Essay

Pages 5 (1 147 words)




Learning behaviour consists of two words, which are learning and behaviour. They come together to form an entirely new meaning, giving some sort of connections with academic or education performances. For example, if a person sleeps early, his learning behaviour would be good as he will have a better concentration to focus on the lessons…

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Learning Climate

Pages 7 (1 644 words)




Austin Classical Academy aka Vista Public Charter School demonstrates the qualities of a private school but more thorough and more about the students then I as a student who went to a private school during my 6th grade year, I use my personal experience to see how the difference is between my past and being…

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Concept of Social Learning

Pages 5 (1 236 words)




Social learning is simply defined as the behavior or actions which occur by imitating and observing others. It explains how people learn new values, attitudes, and behaviors. It is divided into four subtopics: self-efficacy in social learning, self-reinforcement and self-punishment, vicarious reinforcement and punishment, and modeling and imitation. Rewards and punishments also occur when learning…

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Alternative Learning in Primary Schools

Pages 8 (1 796 words)




Abstract Children often exhibit signs of being a nontraditional learner in elementary school. Encyclopedia of Children’s Health (2018) defines an alternative learning environment is an educational setting designed to accommodate behavioral, educational, and medical needs of children that cannot be addressed in a traditional school environment. This study will explore the benefits of a learning…

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