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Why Should People Study Abroad?

One research shows that currently, over a million of international students are studying at colleges or universities in the United States (Muth, 2016). I am one of those international students who decided to study abroad in the United States and attend a college; living alone away from motherland. When I was a young, I always…

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Studying Abroad

Me, Woman, and Education

In the past, the Indonesian women before the existence of R.A Kartini were only housewives. What housewives did at that time was limited to being a wife, caring for children, taking care of the kitchen, and at that time there was also an intellectual gap between husband and wife. In order to be able to…

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State Support for Higher Education is Beneficial for the Economy

This is an essay about the standard of living and quality of life. I will focus on government funding for higher education. This is an important issue because student loan is now the second-highest consumer debt category. Furthermore, following Make Lemonade, there are more than 44 million borrowers who collectively owe $1.5 trillion in student…



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Indian Higher Education System

Higher education determines the country’s socio-economic and technological progress in the era of globalization. The quality higher education leads to enhanced productivity and economic prosperity for the country. It is the gateway to economic security and opportunity, particularly for women in India. Women being the part of socio-economic system up hold rich cultural and traditional…

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Indian Culture

Importance of Free Higher Education

Think about the high tuitions everyone pays for their higher education. Does a degree with so much money can offer them a high scale job? According to U.S. News and& World Report (2015), Barack Obama the former U.S. President paid his student loan for higher education when he was in his 40s. In the past,…

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Public and Private Higher Education

There is a great debate between two viewpoints about higher education, public and private. Some experts agree that private universities are the best option for students to achieve their academic objectives. In contrast, public universities defenders do not consider the same. Since professional training is considered so essential for life, it is highly important to…

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Higher Education Administrative Practices

The student affairs profession in higher education is one that has grown in significance in the last several years. Student affairs professionals serve their academic communities in a variety of ways, but have overarching goals of guiding student development, promoting student success, and overseeing noncurricular educational opportunities. Through my growth and development in this graduate…

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Decolonisation of Higher Education in South Africa

Introduction This assignment seeks to clarify the concept of decolonisation of the curriculum in the higher education, and how decolonisation of this curriculum can be achieved in the higher education. Five people will be interviewed in the higher education to investigate these questions above. To further explain this study, it is important to first understand…

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South Africa

Higher Education in the United States

The term, higher education otherwise known as tertiary or post-secondary education, refers to form of education that follows the primary and secondary levels of school, which consists of elementary, middle and high school. In order to receive a higher education in the United States, you must go attend both primary, usually up to fifth or…

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Examinations Should not be Abolished in Higher Education

Examinations are considered a vital part of the process of learning in all stages of education especially in Higher Education. However, nowadays the subject of their abolition has been a matter of controversy among teachers, parents, students and of course academic societies all over the world. This is mainly due to the fact that examinations…


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