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My Relationship with Math

Have you ever been in a bad relationship in school? I have and its name is math. Don’t get me wrong, it has not always been like that. I loved math in elementary school and my best experience in math was during my elementary years. I enjoyed learning about the concept of numbers by counting…



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Math in Electrical Engineering Application

Electrical engineers use math from multiple points of view in their profession. They use math to help plan and test electrical gear. They use math to figure amp and volt necessities for electrical undertakings. As an electrical engineering student, having an effective mathematics teacher would really help us to prepare for the real world application…




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How Math Helps with Space Exploration

Mathematics, when you hear the word you just think about how boring numbers are. Yes math can be tedious. However math helps us as people understand our entire Universe and how it works and allow us to find new after new ways to help us explore our galaxy. One person who was an incredible mathematician…



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Math Reflection: Interest of the Child

My last math class was full of knowledge about teaching strategies. Knowing the subject or being an expert means you can introduce to young student a new concept for the first time. Today we discussed how activities can be modified according to individual needs. It is important to plan activities according to the developmental level…

Child Development,



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Three Types of Math Attitudes Definition

The initial search got 414 articles in total. After applying exclusion criteria, 186 articles were left. Among 186 articles, only 13 clearly stated the definition of math attitudes, while the rest articles did not define the term at all. Three types of definition were commonly used in those researches which explicitly defined the term: simple…



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Why I Like Math Classes

Math is one of the subjects I used to hate the most. I disliked it when teachers would ask me to solve a question on the board. I hate it when I have to join a math fair project because teachers impelled me to. However, having positive feedback in my math fair project boosted my…



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My Strategies of Teaching Math

My philosophy of teaching mathematics and STEM subjects to students with exceptionalities is that I believe it is not a passive activity. “A passive learner will only see the object, not the relationships” (Van De Walle, 2014 p. 23). It requires active engagement from teacher and student. I subscribe to the research put forth by…




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Difference Between Math and Arithmetic

You can find so many humanoids among us who have, although they hated it, somehow learned mathematics and arithmetics all through school having absolutely no idea about the unique contrast among the two. You may think there is only a fine line between your least favorite subjects – maths and arithmetic. When you learn that…



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Relation of Math, Art, and Beauty

Oxford dictionary defines beauty as a combination of qualities, such as shape, colour or form that pleases the aesthetic senses especially sight. Beauty defines perfection. It can be seen all over the world, mostly in the creation of God. Each and everything has its own beauty. It is not only define physically but it can…



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Difference between Men and Women in Math Abilities and Science

How can we best explain men and women’s differing cognitive strengths? There is not really a wrong or right or answer for fewer women than men in math and science careers. There are some studies that show some good reasoning but still isn’t the exact explanation that we are looking for. One reasoning is that…




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