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A Passive Student and An Active Student

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Students are those people who attend class in educational institutions like school or college or university to learn something or to acquire knowledge. There are two different types of students, one is a passive student, and another is an active student. Each student has their own way to gain knowledge. There is a vast difference…

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Studious student

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College Students


As a student, I have always been very studious and focused. I am extremely career-oriented and have been working hard to achieve my goals. I want to work in the investment banking sector and I think this course would immensely help me in achieving my future goals. There are certain elements in this course that…

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Importance of Assessment in Student Learning Process

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Introduction For as long as education has been around instruction given by the teacher is one of the main components that is related to the student learning. This goes with building a relationship with the students. Standard based instruction helps guide the teachers planning of the lesson plan and what has to be though throughout…

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Scholarship for Student Athletes

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Imagine being a student-athlete, it’s a full time job, bouncing between weight rooms, the court/field, classes, and film sessions. College athletics are extracurricular activities, but the schedules of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) tournaments require an extended period in which student-athletes must miss school. Not only do they miss class, but they are absent…

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Student Debt Crisis

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Graduating students are racking up in debts immediately after graduation, but not all of them are able to find jobs that can easily pay off their debts. There is a misconception that student debts help to pursue one’s dreams, but in reality, it inhibits one to do so. Graduating students often expect to have a…

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Student-Athlete’s Time Management Research Paper

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Time Management

The conceptual framework covers the structure and variables of a student-athlete’s time management, with the variables being the performance or involvement, and the affecting factors. The first variable involves the performance/involvement of a student athlete and splits it into the three sub-variables, namely the academic works extracurricular activities, and sport activities/athletics. Extracurricular activities are generally…

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Student-Athletes Should be Paid

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The issue of whether student-athletes should be paid in addition to receiving scholarships has been a persistent debate issue in the United States for a long time. Some people have argued that these students should receive payment just like other athletes. Conversely, others have argued that the scholarships are just enough for them, thus should…

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Intent for Student Council

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The overall aim of having grade representatives on the student council is to improve the learning experience/environment for current and future students. By having grade representatives gather and communicate views from their peers on various aspects of courses. In Aspengrove this can be exceedingly important because of each member in student council is able to…

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Student Loans Article Analysis

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According to the article,” How one 31- year-old paid off 220,000 in student loans in 3 years” by journalist Emmie Martin from Business Insider. In 2013, Ebony Horton with her boyfriend established a preparation to disburse back her student loans in one year. Horton worked entry-level job, and her revenue was inaccessible for cover student…

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Student Activities In Classroom

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Interactive teaching is all about giving instruction to students in a way they are actively involved with their own learning process. Students are expected to be active in class, thinking on their own, using their own brains resulting in long term memory retention and this makes their brain more active in many diversity ways. With…

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Students are thought to be the backbone of any nation, and all the future of nations is decided in the classrooms. All over the world, students have played a vital role in history, and it is important to recognize the contributions of the students in nation-building. The topic is wide, and if you want to write some Student essay, we will assist you by providing the most relevant data. You can study the student reflection essay example, and it will take you to the heights of knowledge related to this topic. Our expert writer has written many other examples, and we want you to read all of them to create all the necessary insights related to the topic. We need you to read all the student informative essay examples, and we are sure that you will be able to write the best essay for your readers.

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