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My Sister Is the Most Influential Person in My Life

Pages 3 (505 words)

Health Care

Influential Person


My desire to do this course has been my growing interest into nursing as it strikes me as a worthwhile and satisfying career to choose. There have been many occasions during my life that I have spent at hospital; most recent being admitted for months. The nurses who cared for me always drew my admiration…

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ASAP Rocky Is Portrayed as an Influential Person

Pages 6 (1 302 words)



Influential Person

The Mercedes-Benz marketing tool was very effective and powerful in many suggested ways. It featured something personal or rather relatable to a mass amount of people. The commercial also followed its company motto, which means ‘ The Best Or Nothing’. Mercedes-Benz has clearly represented that they could good quality cars and also that they could…

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Marketing Strategy of Burger King

Pages 2 (446 words)




Opportunities/Problems: In September 2010, 3G capital acquired Burger King with the objective of improving customer experience, introducing modernized menu and an improved franchise strategy. In 2012, Burger King launched multiple advertisements with new menu and featuring well-liked celebrities. Two major problem that can also be considered as opportunities that Burger King faced were: Position their…

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Leadership Influence on Subordinate Behavior

Pages 2 (491 words)

Being a Leader



Leadership Influence on Subordinate Behavior, the most important concept that I have learned is “Adapting” because if I develop this skill, it will show that I have the flexibility to deal with any situation at any given time. Within Adapting, I think that I have the “Team Leader” leadership style because most of the description…

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Qualities Foe Clinical Leadership

Pages 4 (967 words)


Leadership in Nursing

Leadership Qualities

1. What does leadership mean to you? Leadership in my opinion is having a vision and mastering the art of directing, guiding and inspiring a group of people towards the achievement of a common goal. It is the privilege of having to serve people by holding up the trust they have in you and acting…

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Financial Management Report on Portfolio Management

Pages 8 (1 778 words)




Abstract We exceptionally understand that putting resources into securities i.e: shares, debentures, bonds are beneficial and in addition unsafe. It requires logical information and also systematic aptitudes to manage hazard related in these speculations. Each choice of a financial specialist ought to be founded based on both basis and enthusiastic viewpoints. It is hard to…

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The Rise of the Swoosh

Pages 9 (2 029 words)



Michael Jordan


In Greek mythology Nike was a goddess, she was a goddess of speed, strength and victory. Nowadays Nike is kind of a check logo that is known and recognized worldwide and instead of being a goddess she is now a shoe empire that is associated with sports and shoes. Growing up I always wondered why…

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Should Amazon Go Into the Healthcare Industry

Pages 4 (972 words)




The purpose of this executive summary is to determine whether or not Amazon should go into the healthcare field. In January of 2018, Amazon declared that they were planning to make moves in healthcare by partnering with JP Morgan and Berkshire Hathaway. Amazon has recently discovered the challenges of getting into the healthcare business, which…

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Leadership Qualities For Marines

Pages 3 (604 words)

Being a Leader


Leadership Qualities

The history of the Marine Corps encompasses a great representation of what it means to be a Marine. Through the battles fought, distinguished bravery and leadership have been highlighted among Non-commissioned officers. Tales of their bravery can be recounted through historical articles, depicting their courage, decisiveness, selflessness, and judgement. The complexity of their abilities has…

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An Individualistic Culture That Emphasizes Achieving Personal Goals

Pages 9 (2 126 words)




Why is Veterans Day important

In Europe and the United States, the individualist culture that emphasizes achieving personal goals at the expense of group goals is prominent and is seen as a way to encourage completion. On the other hand, military veterans are trained and equipped with a collective culture that considers the success of a group or family as…

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What is Business?

Business is an activity carried out by entrepreneurial entities for the purpose of obtaining material profit. And the risks and responsibility for possible failures in the business process fall on the shoulders of these entrepreneurs.

Let’s not forget that business is a huge responsibility.

But the question continues to plague me: “What is a business from a practical point of view?” For example, is a car manufacturing plant a business? I think it is. Okay. But what if an entrepreneur has a place in the marketplace-a table a foot and a half long? Is he a business, too, or is he just out for a smoke? He’s probably in business, too. Okay!

What’s the income of a car factory owner? And what is the income of a market trader? And by the way, is it possible to earn more money working for an “uncle” than a market trader? I know for a fact that you can. Then I do not understand why I need this business! Why do I need the extra headache, the extra responsibility, and the risks? In essence, becoming an entrepreneur, I gain a kind of freedom from my “uncle”, but along with this freedom I get a whole “bouquet” of additional problems and worries. Why do I need it?

Why did I bring up this topic? And because it is now best seen the essence and prospects of various types of entrepreneurial activity. Remember:

Bad is the soldier who does not dream of becoming a general.

If we make an analogy with businessmen, the idea takes the following form:

Bad is the entrepreneur who has no strategy for the further development of his business.

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